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What's the point? How do I win?

Underlight is a true role-playing game. It's more like life in that there is no ultimate way to "win". There aren't any canned quests or fake characters. Every person you meet in the Dream City is real. As such, your game experience largely depends on you. The more you interact with others, the more fun you will have. Adopt an ideology, join a House, carry out missions, and develop your character-some very intense role-playing awaits!

Like life, you judge "winning" or "losing" on whether or not you have achieved your goals. What are your goals? To rule a House? To bring peace to the City of Dreams? To topple another House? To change an ideology? Or create a new one? To become the most powerful warrior in all of the Dream? Revenge? These are but a few goals you might undertake.


Strictly speaking, there is no "good" and ""evil". Those that share your ideology will tend to be perceived by you as being "good". Of course, just because you share ideologies with someone doesn't mean you respect them developing your character. Each House has different ideologies. Your first goal might be to find out what the differences are between the Houses, and decide for yourself which set of ideologies best matches your character. The major ideologies in Underlight revolve around a few fundamental questions. Interact with others in the game to find the true answers.