Order of Harmony

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At the far end of the Trinity Fields stands the House Order of Harmony.


Underlight Current History

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House Facts

Plane: The Trinities

Beliefs: Enlightened Illuminate

Practice: Cleanse


Prime Artifact: The Moon Shard

House Art: Sable Shield

House Roster


Rulers: Sadara

Guardians: Nmoto

Initiates: Chamuel, Restel, Mandus, Trisha Pawm, Takalia, Chihiro

Harmony Beliefs & Structure

by Anyasha

We believe that we are tasked with maintaining Harmony between ourselves, the Dream, and Cloudsbreak. Over time, dreamers have abused the Dream and spoiled this Harmony, causing strain to the Dream that spills over even unto Cloudsbreak. The primary culprit of this disharmony is the misuse of the Dream's energies for our own self-serving excess. We believe a focus on "Productive Harmony" will allow the Dream to both heal itself and provide a mutually beneficial environment with us. To that end, we strive to remove needless or redundant uses of energy and instead focus on productive, beneficial goals. As Enlightened Illuminate, we believe our actions can have an impact on the waking world. Sometimes this manifests on an individual level and sometimes towards an entire Shard. The current disharmony of the Dream exacerbates this effect.

Energy from all sources must be Cleansed of Chaos or other corruption in order to be properly stored and used. The Moon Shard naturally Cleanses all incoming energy sources, but we still ask members to Cleanse essences and Chaos Wells as an additional precaution. Individual members are free to use other essence Arts if they feel they aid any potential souls; Cleanse deals with the energy itself. While nightmares must be resisted, they are not 'evil' beings but rather the Dream's own means of defense against invaders: namely us. Reducing our drain on the Dream will naturally reduce the nightmare presence and threat. Darkmares are clearly a more sentient being that should be actively resisted.

Governance Our leadership is charged with working together to drive us towards a productive Harmony. Each is meant to represent a different perspective of the Dreamstate. The Ruler of Nature is charged with considering and benefiting the Dream's true nature in all we do. The Guardian of Energy will serve to focus our efforts towards proper and productive uses of energy. The Guardian of Humanity shall ensure the protection of both dreamers and the waking world in our endeavors. The role of Advisor is optional. He or she shall serve to encourage membership, organize various projects, and help represent our beliefs. He or she does not outrank the Ruler or Guardians and does not have any more official vote on matters than an Initiate. Should a Ruler need to be replaced, the Guardians shall decide between themselves who should Ascend. The Advisor shall serve as tie-break, if needed. If there is no Advisor or s/he abstains, the membership shall collectively vote.

Prospective Members It is important that we know whom we Initiate into Harmony and that they also fully understand the commitment they are making. Prospective members must undergo a mentor-ship with a member of Harmony. They should clearly understand all Houses' beliefs, considered the option of remaining Free spirit, and have ultimately chosen to adhere to Harmony's beliefs. The mentoring member will be charged with assessing the intent and character of the prospective member. After the process, the mentor shall determine if s/he feels the prospective member is a worthy candidate and alert a member of leadership.