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Son of Hesenthes, brother of Teng.

Interview with Agonarius:

On the evening of Feb.22/2017, a patch of ooze flowed through Threshold, seemingly with a destination in mind. Rasputin, Uthanatos, Frey, and Arnaya followed up to Lost Caves. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be there for the beginning of the conversation, but was able to get there in time to speak with with Agonarius. When I entered, Agonarius was standing against one of the walls, ooze dripping down around him, with a multi-colored Master Teacher Halo over his head. Rasputin, Frey, and Uthanatos stood around the North Sanctuary in Lost Caves looking at Agonarius.

Agonarius appeared as a figure eternally shrouded in darkness. He wore a hooded robe of the pure abyss. The hood covered his face in shadows, the only visible feature being four tendrils that each slithered independently. A simple necklace of wooden prayer beads hung about his neck. His halo seemed unstable, spraying sparks of elemental energy crackling out into the air.

There was much debate going on in the back ground during this conversation, only some of which was relevant to the conversation. So, in the interests of brevity and ease of understanding, I didn't note most of the background debate and random comments except where relevant to Agonarius's statements.

- Arnaya: Well.... this is an interesting meeting. Feeling strong enough to be out and about finally Agonarius?

- Agonarius: ...stronger. Yes.

- Arnaya: So, what do we owe the honor of the invite too? Sorry I'm late by the way, had to deal with something back home before I get my way up here

- Agonarius: I do not recall sending an invitation to you.

- Arnaya: Dripping ooze >Arnaya gestures lightly towards the goo and shrugs

- Rasputin: That's got to be a bad sign... right?

- Frey: if I say yes will it start a debate ?

- Arnaya: Well, it hasn't boded well for us in the past

- Agonarius: I do not think those from your house and I have much we could work together on.

- Rasputin: Healthy people shouldn't be dripping ooze all around the City.

- Arnaya: Ah, so still aiming to take over the city? "Reclaim what was stolen from you" and all of that? "Take back your rightful place"... because when you get right down to it... that type of stuff is about the only reason that Calenture would Really want to step up against you.

>Arnaya smiled lightly at Agonarius

Purple Lace, Elmer, and Coraal entered at this point. Night Storm arrived at a later point in the conversation.

- Agonarius: Welcome to the Lost Caves. One of the oldest places of the city.

- Uthanatos: Well, ya know, that or leading a hoard of mares into the city....that generally ruffles folks.

- Agonarius: Tell me this: do you deny the stories of the Srechethan Kabal or do you reject their importance now? >Agonarius nods his hood in greeting once each to those who entered.

- Arnaya: Well, lets be perfectly blunt.... getting factual points about them is kinda tricky. Too much shrouding in mysticism and shadows

- Uthanatos: Well, honestly only outlines and fragments of those stories still exist.

- Arnaya: So, its hard to get a really good measure of what they were about

- Agonarius: Of course they are. Histories are written by the victors.

- Uthanatos: Honestly, at this juncture, I'd say the most important question is, what are your intentions now that you've returned to the city?

- Agonarius: I have accepted what has been "stolen from me", as you put it, will not be returned, nor would I seek to lead many of you anyway..

- Arnaya: Keep in mind Agonarius, I have only the stories of your last visit... and accounts from people that were there... to base any real perception of you on. Granted, none of those paint you in very flattering light... still.

- Agonarius: Were any of you present?

Everyone present confirmed that they had not been in the city during Agonarius's previous visit.

- Agonarius: Thunderman still rules your house?

>Arnaya nodded to Agonarius

- Uthanatos: Thunderman is one of our rulers

- Agonarius: I came to the city, claimed to be the rightful ruler, and was immediately attacked, most likely for my appearance as much as any other reason.

- Uthanatos: You might look into getting that fixed, by the by. it is, disconcerting, the tentacleyness of it

- Agonarius: If you spent as much time in the chaos as I had, you would likely look worse.

- Rasputin: Maybe because someone they'd never met claimed to be their Ruler?

- Rasputin: I do not doubt that at one time his claim to rule the city may have had some validity, but over the past decades we've not had a singular ruler. Him showing up doesn't immediately change that.

- Agonarius: You should understand that time works much differently in the chaos. What was decades to you, was much shorter for me.

- Rasputin: That doesn't change what we have experienced. And someone showing up and claiming that they are our Ruler may not be something we are prepared to accept. The respect necessary for others to accept your Rulership must be earned not demanded.

- Uthanatos: So it seems like a week since you betrayed your city to assault your brother with an army of nightmares and only a few days since you brought the second swarm of them here?

- Coraal: Does not that same history state that he joined with his brother to oppose that force, Uthanatos?

- Arnaya: once he lost control of it Coraal

- Agonarius: That is the story you were told passed down from Teng and his followers, Uthanatos.

- Uthanatos: The ones he couldn't control Coraal. The Darks

- Coraal: He did not attempt to control the Darks. They came after, He worked with the Datoken. The Katoke took advantage of the situation

- Uthanatos: yes he controlled the datoken and assaulted the city, then joined with his brother against the Darks, which he couldn't control. I thought that was what I just said

- Rasputin: The history of the situation doesn't change the present. You showed up and tried to claim a right to be the Ruler of the City. Those here at the time were not willing to accept your claim.

- Agonarius: Indeed, Rasputin.

- Coraal: The Datoken turned on him just as the Darks were beyond his ability to work with, Uthanatos

- Rasputin: It may have seemed like weeks or years to you, but it's been decades here, and you can't simply ignore that.

- Arnaya: regardless, shall we move on? We can debate this quite a bit and go absolutely no where except at each others throats

- Rasputin: You have no right if others do not respect it.

- Rasputin: What is there to move onto?

- Arnaya: What ever it is that our dripping companion here wanted to share badly enough to let his ooze gather up a group and lead them up here?

>Arnaya smiled lightly at Agonarius as she turned her gaze to him calmly

- Rasputin: I do not personally think Xun'rok has any right to Rulership either. I do not trust him

- Coraal: That has not stopped many from following him in spite of the obvious

- Uthanatos: Well, let's be fair, Xun'rok is not ruler of anything and no one claims to trust him completely

- Arnaya: None of us really do Ras hun. The ones that have joined him have joined out of common purpose, nothing more or less

- Uthanatos: secondly, we are talking about Blades worse half over there, lures to Agonarius

- Rasputin: What is ironic is that Lace supported Zaxun and now renounces anyone who has the art of DreamStrike, but that's not really relevant to our current conversation, and neither is your point about Irony.

- Agonarius: I am curious. Has Thunderman stated why he released me?

- >Arnaya shook her head to Agonarius

- Arnaya: In his defense, I don't think it was entirely intentional for you to be "released" as you put it. You were to be given to the custody of another is all... which I understand led to you doing your ooze on the brain routine with him to get your Soul Essence. If Thunder had other motives, he hasn't shared them

- Agonarius: I only know that he was the one that took my vial from Calenture, and a woman took my essence from the Lambent house.

- Purple Lace: That would be Cianne.

- Agonarius: It is a shame I have not mastered the "ooze on the brain" technique, or perhaps I would have been more successful in my return.

- Arnaya: well, you were going after a fairly difficult target with him anyway [Referencing Silk Nuvas]

- Purple Lace: Ye learn it and ye must teach me, Agonarius.

- Rasputin: Agonarius, are you able to DreamStrike?

- Agonarius: I have learned of you "dreamstrike." There was no such thing back in my time, hence why I was banished to the chaos instead.

- Uthanatos: Or, perhaps work towards cleansing yourself of the chaos that taints you so horribly.

- Arnaya: but, the question at hand.... which you never did really answer Agonarius. What are your intentions now that your back?

- Agonarius: My intentions are to claim these caves as the ancestral lands of the Kabal. Will you be challenging my claim on these caves as well? And this "taint" is likely the only thing still keeping me alive.

- Uthanatos: All the more reason to cleanse it?

- Arnaya: Mmm... exclusive claim, probably. Most of the city probably wouldn't really give a damn honestly if there was at least a path through and to the other ago. These are fairly popular hunting grounds after all

- Rasputin: So you have not been able to learn the ways of DreamStrike since your return?

- Agonarius: You will have to accept my deepest apologies that my locks are interfering with your hunting and hampering you from trampling through my tribe's home and ceremonial halls.

- Arnaya: I don't hunt down here very often myself, unless I'm working with a younger or lower sphered dreamer. I was just giving you a general overview of the cities mentality these dreams. If you really want to break it down, nearly every plane in the city was once someones Home and Ceremonial halls after all

- Coraal: I'm sure should one of those dreamers return to present claim, the bridge can be crossed then.

- Agonarius: I appreciate that, but the area I have claimed exclusively for the Kabal is non-negotiable. The room you speak of with the Agoknight is the exit to the cache.

- Arnaya: Exit, not entrance. A simple path through the plane would likely be enough to ease at least some of the tensions. For some reason, people seem to feel that the basin is a rather long trek

- Agonarius: Alternatively I could claim the entire city and assault it once again.

- Arnaya: Meh, most of us are kinda expecting you to do that once you regain your full strength anyway

- Agonarius: Your numbers are much lower now and I have heard at least some of the chakrams have been lost.

- Arnaya: Yep, at least two of them are where-bouts unknown. >Arnaya agreed quickly with a bright smile

- Uthanatos: Both true, but, we don't rightly need them anymore.I mean, let's be honest, I got to hear all the stories about your great invasion when I was studying the history of THIS city, as opposed to the two older versions.

- Uthanatos: I haven't shot it, or your pet. I merely expressed that none would lament it's departure, Because that, thing...

>Uthanatos gestured to Agonarius

- Uthanatos: is no more a dreamer than Bandy

- Coraal: I would disagree on that point, Uthanatos. He is one of the First dreamers.

- Agonarius: A year ago, I was attacked the moment I entered the city.

- Uthanatos: he may have been, but that, is a creature of chaos.

- Coraal: But then look upon Agonarius and claim, seemingly, that his faults or perceived faults are justification to immediately oppose him.

- Arnaya: So, Agonarius..... to summarize what your saying of your intent. Your saying that your basically content to sit here in your ancestral home and leave the rest of the city be unless disturbed?

- Agonarius: I will not make "claim" to the rest of the city. Am I going to sit in the caves and not ever leave them? No. Much like you claim ownership of your house and Evernight.

- Arnaya: So, this is to be your stronghold in functional terms

- Agonarius: The locked portion is my "Stronghold" the open portion is my "evernight."

- Arnaya: So.... that still leaves us with half the question of your intentions unanswered. What purpose do you exist for now, and recruit others to work with you, and all of that? Given past history, I'm sure you can understand why I'd like to have some idea of what's going on so Calenture has at least some current information to base any decisions on

>Arnaya asked simply as she looked at Agonarius curiously

- Agonarius: Rasputin, you are welcome to claim whatever lands you wish, and anyone else is welcome to oppose your claim. Much like you could oppose my claim here. [Reference to an extended background debate about the validity of Agonarius's claim to the lands of the Lost Caves, between Rasputin and Coraal].

- Agonarius: My purpose is to one day rule over the city as my father Hasenthes once wished. I have seen that the dreamers are much stronger now than they were before and that will not be able to be accomplished through force.

- Arnaya: So.... Why would you want to rule over the city even?

- Elmer: so kind of like the Mayor

- Coraal: I believe the answer to that question, Arny, is that it is his birthright

- Arnaya: very likely, Coraal... but assumptions being bad and all that.

>Arnaya shrugged lightly to Coraal

- Coraal: I'll not argue with that.

>Coraal grinned at Arnaya

- Elmer: in my town we have a lot of different groups, then the Mayor who sees over all of them

- Arnaya: He's more thinking like "Emperor" is what i get the impression of Elmer. But again, that's assumption... which is why I'm asking.

- Agonarius: Have you not seen what this city has become even since the short time from my first visit? You all fight among st yourself while outside forces threaten to destroy the city, yet you do not care.

- Rasputin: Some might consider you an outside source Agonarius.

- Agonarius: Some might consider all of you an outside source.

- Rasputin: True enough

- Arnaya: This city has Always fought among st themselves Agonarius, since the first idea's about the nature of the Dreamscape came into conflict. As I understand, even the different tribes during your era would come into conflict with each other. Is that not accurate?

- Rasputin: I guess we could all just leave you to ruling over only those that dreamed here during your time. That would be no one I think

- Agonarius: Hasenthes ruled over all the tribes for decades peacefully. It was not until he died and Teng seized the power for himself that the city was sent into turmoil.

- Rasputin: And before Hasenthes... was there not war? It sounds like only he was able to make peace.

- Arnaya: That's fair, I've only found scattered references to things from that era. So had to ask

- Agonarius: So while you all think you do not need a leader and are fine with you segregated houses, each vying for power and control over parts of the city, I have seen a better way.

- Arnaya: Now though, you intend on reclaiming kingship for lack of a better term... and uniting the city. So, how do you intend on uniting the city? Declaring kingship is after all a pretty straight forward affair. You declare it, others oppose you. Lets say for sake of discussion that you beat the opposition.... what then. How do you unite the survivors, how do you lead them?

>Arnaya looked curiously at Agonarius again

- Elmer: so back in that time sir, there weren't separate houses?

- Agonarius: My father did not become leader of all the tribes through force. It was his knowledge and skill of the ancient arts which made those respect his rule. Yes, the tribes fought among-st each other much like your houses do now, before Hasenthes was able to unite them all, then peacefully ruled the city for decades.

>Elmer nodded, the asked: How did he do that?

- Agonarius: How does someone become ruler of one of your houses now?

- Elmer: I have no idea, i'm pretty new here. I don't know who somebody becomes a ruler. Err how

- Agonarius: By others allowing them to be and seeking to follow them.

- Elmer: if i had to guess i would say time, respect, that kind of thing

- Agonarius: Rasputin can claim to be ruler of the Radiance house, but that does not make it so.

- Rasputin: I certainly do not claim to be the Ruler of the Corpse. I was a Ruler of the house that was there before the Corpse.

- Elmer: think he was just tossing out an example there

- Rasputin: It might be called my "ancestral lands"

- Elmer: don't think he was being literal

- Rasputin: That is also true Elmer.

- Arnaya: So, that is how you intend on going about things this time Agonarius? What about those that refuse to follow you?

- Agonarius: Much like my father, I know of a better way for this city to function then your separate "tribes" function now. And I retain knowledge that has been long forgotten.

- Elmer: well, how would your way work? what kinds of things would you do? Sorry, i'm just curious is all.

>Elmer smiled

- Agonarius: Free arts and plateaus for everyone. Vote Agonarius ruler.

- Elmer: no really

- Agonarius: Tell me, where do your arts and spheres come from now?

- Elmer: teachers

- Arnaya: Ultimately, the Elders. Since they're the oens that ordain teachers

- Agonarius: Ultimately, would that not make them rulers of the city already?

- Elmer: teachers? yea i guess in a way. If they go on strike nobody goes anywhere

- Arnaya: Functionally

- Rasputin: So, are you truly offering free plateaus and spheres for dreamers to support you?

- Agonarius: You follow them and do as they command. Do not go here. Do not fight here. Don't do that. Do this.

- Arnaya: Within reason, Agonarius. They tend to keep a pretty light hand on things on an overall level. There's rules for teachers to follow of course, but most the rest of the stuff has been left up to the dreamers to determine in one way or another

- Purple Lace: Bah. They hold us hostage and make us thank them for it.

- Elmer: ok yea but you were kidding about free stuff.

>Elmer looked at agonarius again

- Arnaya: Like with any society, there are those that chafe at the rules laid down by those in the upper echelons. Those that support those rules. and still others that are in the middle

- Purple Lace: Arnaya, I am a different era than ye.... and ye dun see the truth of what I say.

- Elmer: i haven't done a lot, but my tasks so far have been really fun

- Coraal: I believe the point he is attempting to make is this, Arny. The system created and encouraged by the Elders allows the dreamers to decide amongst themselves. But a group that is at disagreement does not make progress.

- Agonarius: Yet you do not attack them and seek to banish them to the chaos, or imprison them in your strongholds for claiming the right to make those rules. Have you discovered any new arts since your time in this city?

- Arnaya: There's been a couple

- Agonarius: What is one you have discovered?

- Arnaya: I haven't personally, mostly because I haven't delved into that aspect of things yet. But the arts of Rally and Channel are the newest to be discovered and passed down into general knowledge

- Agonarius: Who discovered them?

- Arnaya: Rally was begun a couple of dreamers actually, then the project was abandoned when the lead left the city if I understand right. So, it was picked up by the elders and finished. Same with Channel....Well, that one was entirely elder created I think

- Purple Lace: Rally was discovered by Vill Valorian.

- Arnaya: but not completed by him as I understand

- Agonarius: Is it in common agreement that Vill discovered it?

- Arnaya: at least worked on it initially.

- >Purple Lace nods to Agonarius

- Agonarius: For the sake of argument, let us pretend for a moment that this dreamer had stuck around and finished the work that he started. If after working to discover the art, if he decided he wanted the knowledge to be freely shared and could be granted and plateaued to anyone without a plateau, would your elders have allowed it? Without a quest, rather.

- Arnaya: Very unlikely

- Agonarius: And these "elders". Where were they when I was "assaulting the city"?

- Arnaya: Likely assisting people with growing their power. Its a nice little logic and morality trap your setting up, I have to admit. It does not however address how YOU intend to do things differently.

- Purple Lace: But it does...

- Arnaya: Overthrow the elders, and that leaves you in their position. So, how will You be dealing with that? He's hinted at it lace. Unless he was being honest about the "Free arts and sphere's for everyone, for ever".... he hasn't actually said what he'd do. Only what's wrong with what's here

- Agonarius: I would pose this theory to you then: This entire city is already ruled unchallenged. You claim that in my absence you are no longer welcoming of a ruler, but you already have one, or perhaps a small council. They control your arts, your houses, they send you off to die in the defense of this city while they remain safe.

- Rasputin: So, maybe you should be assaulting the elders and leaving us out of it.

- Agonarius: Would you allow that?

- Night Storm: No, probably not.

- Rasputin: Could I stop you? Could you accomplish it without the help of some of us?

- Agonarius: They keep their most powerful knowledge to themselves and refuse to share it with you.

- Rasputin: So you do need our help in order to overthrow them? At least some of us.

- Agonarius: How do you make a vault? A sanctuary? An item generator? A prime? An artifact? Seal a portal? Unlock a portal?

- Elmer: yea, about that, you said you had the knowledge to rule and bring peace, i was wondering about what that might be

- Rasputin: That's not an answer to any of my questions. I might be able to manage all of that in a City I created from scratch. And you could keep this one.

- Arnaya: Several of us have accomplished some of those things

- Purple Lace: Keys on a ring... hanging from a pair of trousers.

- Agonarius: Which?

- Arnaya: Artifact, I've dabbled in gen creation myself, but never did actually resume work on the project when I messed up

- Agonarius: You created the prime artifact of Calenture?

- >Arnaya shook her head and replied: Other artifacts, not house primes. There hasn't been a need to delve into that really in recent times

- Elmer: not trying to be a jerk, but it sounds like a lot of people start stuff around here and never finish, again no offense, just what i've been hearing.

- >Arnaya nods in agreement with Elmer before replying: Your not wrong Elmer

- Purple Lace: Well... the Kabal of m'era taught me how to create the Heart of Shadow, Arnaya.

- Agonarius: Because the Elders have given you your primes. They did not teach you how to make them yourselves.

- Rasputin: Why then did an elder direct me to learn to forge my own prime when I began to look into opening a house?

- Agonarius: In this city?

- Rasputin: In this city.

- Agonarius: To watch you fail most likely.

- Rasputin: My point is that an Elder pointed me towards the project.

- Agonarius: The begs the question: Does that elder themselves know how to make house primes?

- Rasputin: Do you?

- Arnaya: like I said earlier Agonarius.... you've addressed what you see as wrong. So, lets move on to how you intend to make it *right*

- Agonarius: "Right" would be correcting those wrongs.

- Night Storm: now, I'm curious. >Night Storm hugged his staff

- Agonarius: Knowledge would not be kept away but shared. Dreamers would determine the rules of teaching themselves, not be told what to do and how to do it, and I would not disappear when a threat to the city came, but would lead the assault against it.

- Night Storm: I, was taught and believe. we are conscious and aware but that of grains of sand upon a beach. We can slowly form things the more we grow the more we are able to become. more of us focusing on something more we change.

- Agonarius: If Vill Valorian discovered an art himself, I would not be telling him what he can or can not do with that knowledge.

- Night Storm: are you suggesting, that.. we all become all we can.. or wish to be.. with your help.. and move greater together.. or .. that we all individually capable of moving great things.. without the aid or help of one another?

- Arnaya: So, basically self government as long as we agreed to cede final say on matters of defense and unity to you?

- >Purple Lace looked at Arnaya curiously before replying: Sometimes I wonder if we e'en speak the same tongue.

- >Arnaya laughed lightly as she grinned at Purple Lace, then replied: That same thought has crossed my mind a few times as well

- Purple Lace: Hablamos espanol?

- Agonarius: I am saying to reject your "emperors" who hide their knowledge from you and refuse to teach you how to create a prime, but send you off on a pointless quest to create your own yourself.

- Night Storm: and then what

- Agonarius: Arnaya, if a student came to you seeking to learn Push...Would you give them a task and help them learn it? Or would you tell them to go discover how to do it themselves?

- Arnaya: Depends on the student honestly. If the student wants to discover it entirely for themselves, I let them and the quest reflects it

- Purple Lace: usually tis the latter, aye Arnaya?

- Agonarius: That is true, perhaps the elder could have taught Rasputin how to forge a prime, but did not think he would be a good ruler. If they need aid, I'm pretty much always willing to talk to them and help them out. I just wont' do the work for them... especially not at the stage they're learning it

- Purple Lace: Elmer....Ye were "taught" and then sent on a quest, aye?

- >Elmer nodded

- Purple Lace: This is the difference Agonarius speaks of. Teaching versus "tasking".

- Agonarius: Perhaps, because the elders know best on who should be allowed to rule a stronghold and who shouldn't, yes?

- Rasputin: He may have had a more impartial view of the situation than I did.

- Arnaya: Not all teachers teach quite the same way Lace. And ultimately, its up to the student how they want to approach things, and how much aid they want with any given quest

- Agonarius: My point is not about how you would teach the art to the student or what you would task them to do, Arnaya. It is that you *would* quest them to learn it. You would not say you do not need a teacher, go discover the art for yourself.

- Arnaya: Not generally, no. It wouldn't be teaching if I did that, honestly. It would be telling them to self-discover something

- Agonarius: How do you create a focal pad?

- >Arnaya shrugged to Agonarius before saying: Never tried it to know.

- Agonarius: Focal pads have been created before, yes?

- Purple Lace: Aye

- Agonarius: Why hasn't that knowledge been shared?

- Arnaya: No one bothered documenting it with any eye towards long term preservation?

- Elmer: nobody probably asked, people don't ask stuff. Well i do. too much. >Elmer boomed a laugh

- Agonarius: Do your elders know how to create a focal pad?

- Rasputin: No idea, do you know how to Agonarius?

- Arnaya: Some of them likely, others likely not

- Agonarius: I would send you on a quest then. Find out if any of your "elders" know how to create a focal pad. If they do, ask them to share that knowledge with you.

- Rasputin: You'd have us overthrow the Elders, but you've yet to inform us if you know how to do the important things that you posit our elders may not be able to do.

- Night Storm: Ask fancypant's for his keys once.. that went over bout as well as mass scare in the library.

- Agonarius: And that is exactly why I have reclaimed these caves and restarted The Kabal.

- Rasputin: Agonarius, can you make primes? can you make focal pads? can you make artifacts? can you make item gens? I don't remember the rest of your list right now.

- Agonarius: I can. Would you like to learn?

- Night Storm: My concern is, .. if we were to agree to such.. given what knowledge that I know about .. what's to keep them from flat wiping us out when your not around? and or soon as they find out we would do such?

- Rasputin: Finally a straight answer

- Agonarius: That is the difference between me and your current "elder rulers"

- Rasputin: You give straight answers after half an hour? Seems about the same if you ask me.

- Arnaya: Well, lets hear the follow through then. You wanted to know the basics of how to create a House Prime didn't you Ras hun?

- Purple Lace: Wanna know how I did it?

- Rasputin: I would like to. The question isn't if you can Lace. The question at hand is if Agonarius can.

- >Purple Lace laughed and answered: Ok

- Rasputin: He suggests that the Elders may not be able to. But that he can teach us.

- Agonarius: Can every elder do all of those things? Likely not. But why are the ones that know at least some of those, unwilling to share that knowledge?

- Elmer: so they can rule

- Rasputin: Maybe they are. You're so skeptical that you assume that my quest to create a prime was a setup to watch me fail for his own amusement.

- Night Storm: knowledge is earned, a privilege not a right. been drilled into my head for as long as I can remember.

- Elmer: usually the ones who hold secret knowledge, rule

- Rasputin: Maybe that wasn't his motivation.

- Agonarius: I offered that as one possibility.

- Elmer: from mayors, like i said before..kings, presidents, queens

- Agonarius: Another possibility is that elder does not know how to. But expects you to be able to figure it out yourself.

- Rasputin: Another is that he wanted to see me get far enough that he was able to teach me where I was going wrong. Learn by doing.

- Agonarius: Do you really believe he would have taught you where you were going wrong? Or would he have finished it for you? If he taught you where you were going wrong, then you would have the knowledge to create them yourselves in the future.

- Elmer: so.. do you think he was set up to fail? basically?

- Rasputin: Honestly? I met him half a dozen times. But my gut feeling was that his intentions were honest.

- Arnaya: That elder in particular, likely would have at least helped Ras correct his approach or helped work him through to the insights nessessary to do it. I can't speak for all of the other elders, but that one in specific.

- Agonarius: You would be the first person that an elder has ever shown how to completely create a prime yourself then, yes? Perhaps that will happen and you will prove me wrong. I won't hold my breathe.

- Arnaya: Regretably, that particular elder no longer dreams. His name was Jasper Margrav

- Rasputin: Honestly? I don't know if I'd be the first. But the Elder who offered me the quest hasn't been seen in quite some time.

- Rasputin: What would you ask in return for teaching me how to create a prime?

- Agonarius: That you join the Kabal and assist the others in the guild with their projects as well.

- Rasputin: Who are the others in this Kabal? what are their projects?

- Agonarius: For all I know, Thunderman will show up tomorrow and seek to banish or imprison me and any followers once again. I will not put them in that kind of danger.

- Rasputin: So, I'm to join this group without knowing who's in it or what it's goals are? I have no character references for you...

- Agonarius: If after the past 3 hours, you have not figured out what our goals are, I do not think you would be a good fit.

- Arnaya: Yes you do Ras hun. >Arnaya gestured around the room

- Rasputin: You may be right, but that's also part of the hesitation on my part. I don't particularly get along with those who speak on his behalf. At this point I think I'll have to give your offer a bit of thought. Also, if you care for me to join your Kabal, you may want to ask the Corpse Rulership to refrain from trying to make the point for you. Each one of them has rubbed me the wrong way in the past.

- Agonarius: I offer this quest to you [Gave Arnaya a quest codex for Train 40 that read: Report some of what you have learned today to the city scrolls so that others may learn from what you have heard. Ask the next "elder" you see what special knowledge they know that dreamers do not from what we have discussed: Creation of Generators, focal fonts, house primes, forming sanctuaries, creating vaults, planesmithing. Ask them to help teach you how to do this yourself. What was the result of your request?]. Complete it or not, I leave the decision up to you.

- Arnaya: Nicely baited Agonarius, Nicely baited

- Agonarius: I retire for the evening. I will leave you all to enjoy the caves of my ancestors. >Agonarius's form dissolved into dark ooze which seeped through the cracks in the floor.

After this, the assembled group remained behind and talked for a while longer. Purple Lace reminding the group that the Citadel and Caches were discovered by the Kabal and Penumbra in the early Lyran days before the group separated for the evening.

~ Transcribed and edited for legibility and comprehension by, Arnaya, Soulmistress, Wordsmith, and Lance of Calenture.

Earlier today, Jan.30/2017, Cianne (Guardian of the Alliance of the Eclipse) called an emergency Chimeric Meeting to reveal some information. Though she was unable to remain for an extended period of time, Arnaya (Guardian of House Calenture) was able to attend and meet with her. Upon Arnaya's arrival, Cianne was visibly distraught. What follows are the details of her account.

(Note: for the sake of brevity, I have left our conversational moments out, cleaving to her account of how Silk Nuvas came into possession of Agonarius's Soul Essence a couple of weeks ago).

Cianne: I didn't mean to do it....

>Cianne took a breath and spoke quickly

Cianne: a couple of weeks ago...Silk Nuvas came up to the I dont know him from a hill of beans, really...

Cianne: He said he was there to see me...Inzoum was immediately any rate..

Cianne: Silk turned on the charm...holy, I! anyways..I digress, he kissed my hand...

Cianne: the next thing I know...I was standing at the facade, scratching my hand until it bled...after some moments..

Cianne: I began to recall what happened...and Silk Nuvas..

Cianne: also seemed very lost and dumbfounded at what had transpired..

Cianne: this... ooze, it had been on him when he kissed my hand..and Inzoum said it sort of melted over my hand and into my arm..

Cianne: I went into the Library and got an Agonarius essence we had there and I put it in Silk's hand

Cianne: Silk...himself, seemed very disoriented after some moments passed

Cianne: but somehow this...ooze.. coalesced with the Agonarius essence and drew his Soul essence from the Rulers quarters

>Cianne frowned deeply and shook her head..."I didnt mean to! I'm so sorry"

Cianne: I just kind of pushed it down to the depths of my mind..until I read your news..and Inzoum said he was covered in ooze in the Thresh last dream

>Cianne frowned

Cianne: I'm so sorry... I shoulda said..sooner. We didnt -give- it to him freely and...I dont even think it was SILK we gave it to! it was all very surreal

>Cianne let out a breath

Cianne: you will share this? now that you have the facts... from the time he kissed my hand till the time a few moments after, I have no recollection at all

Cianne: but my hand..

>Cianne looked at her hand

Cianne: once in awhile it will start to itch like mad, I dunk it in the healing waters in Lambent from time to time

From there, our conversation moved on. For those not familiar with the prior events regarding Agonarius, there have been several writings on the subject. I will attempt to track them all down and compile an index here. As a brief primer however,

Agonarius, nearly 2, 2 & 1/2 years ago I believe, bound the Datoken to his will as a hoard and led them against the city in an attempt to take it for himself. He was defeated initially by a coalition of dreamers from several houses, using the Focal Chakrams. Upon that defeat however, some of his remains (in the form of a black ooze that could empower Datoken) merged with Bladeslayer. This essentially was a possession of Bladeslayer by Agonarius. The incarnation was termed Bladeinarius, and was eventually defeated. The possessing spirit and essence of Agonarius was driven out to return Bladeslayer to us.

~Arnaya, Soulmistress & Lance of Calenture