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AKA "The Great One", AKA "The Abundant Soul".

A deity figure for some dreamers within Underlight. Thought to be one of the original "Thirteen" who touched the Heart of the City and were subsequently granted unimaginable powers.

He is generally represented as a deity of growth, sacrifice, conflict, and discipline. His manifestations are often equally awe-inspiring and horrific - Large tentacles, blood, and nightmarish figures have been reported.

During the Cult's war against the Sect of the Prudent and Emancipators of Men, Bashir manifested a powerful avatar within the City. He merged for a time with Ra'as, providing the dreamer with incredible power. Ultimately, Ra'as and Bashir were separated, and Bashir's avatar was shattered by the Blade of All. His followers came to call the shattering "The Great One's Gift" - A blessing of growth for the dreamers of Underlight.

Originally appearing within Idoaclesia and inspiring the "Cult of Bashir", Bashir's followers have now taken root in the merged city of Underlight, calling themselves "The Chosen". They are led by Sirus Nesto and advised by Ra'as, the First Chosen of Bashir.

"During our early dreams, the Cult of Bashir was heavily discriminated against by the rest of the city. The elder council, corrupt as they were, laid down a teaching embargo on the Cult. Without Nightmares and without teachers, our brothers and sisters prayed to the Great One, to show them a way forward to grow. The elder master, Zennan, was summoned to the Temple atop the Barrows. There, we asked that he relent his embargo, but he stood firm, believing us dangerous to the city. We prayed then to the Great One, offering our blood. A great tentacle manifested within the Temple's pool, and coiled around the elder master. Zennan shrieked in agony as energy was ripped from his avatar. When he was released, the tentacle sank back into the mire. In a flash, the faithful beheld a miracle; The First Chosen had achieved a new sphere, and the faithful had gained new abilities as well. The elder master took his leave, and the teaching embargo was ended soon after."

- excerpt from The Book of Ra'as