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Nightmares, also known as "Mares," they are NPCs that you can fight for the reward of experience points and items. Known as Emphants, Bograms, Agoknights, Shamblixes, and Horrons, they are increasingly powerful (and, thus, more rewarding) in that order.

Common Mares

All common mares occur in multiple instances throughout the city, but cannot travel through portals. They are the only case of NPCs in Underlight.

Darkmares & Daymares

Darkmares generally take on, but not limited to, the form of a Horron with unique names and personalities. They are controlled by the Lyrans (Game Masters). Playing a Darkmare required a completely different client, separate from the dreamer client. They are the most feared Nightmare in the dream.

Daymare was a pay-to-play Nightmare concept to the original Underlight. Real dreamers could pay a specified amount of real money , choose a common Nightmare form, then wreck havoc in dream for as long as they could afford. While in daymare form, one would not be able to understand the other dreamers as chat would show up as gibberish. If the daymare spoke in dream, the dreamer would see maren gibberish.

The Darkmares listed appear within Underlight on occasion. They have shown an ability to move about freely as well as some degree of intelligence, fighting with some instinct of self-preservation and sometimes communicating with dreamers or amongst themselves.

Tzra'zik - Champion form and presumed general of the demon horde. Only a very narrow vulnerability does this creature have. Though, it is suggested effect chakrams be used against the creature. The effects can work on the creature even if the shot is not on mark with the vulnerable area.

Bandaret - Champion form and former Dreamer. The student of Dynroth was DreamStruck, but survived returning as a beast.

Hotai - A singular creature and yet also the term used in general to describe all creatures of the demon horde who share this form

Benpi - A rarely seen agent of the demon horde. Believed to operate as a support class of creature.

Eatu - A weaker almost snake like form of demon agent.

Oath - A specific Eatu form demon. It is reported that the other demons find him something of disgust. It has been known to spend time amongst dreamers and speaks the common tongue easily.