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Art Statistics

Focus: Insight (Major)
Cost: 30
Orbit Required: 50
Affected: Self


10 seconds, or until the effect is used by passing through a Ward.


Allows the user to pass through a warded portal.

Plateau Effect

Duration increased by 10 seconds. Decreased evoke time.

Art Research

A Ward, by nature, is an abnormality in the dream, causing chaos to become so densely packed around a Portal, that traversal becomes impossible. A DreamSeer with the art of Blend is able to temporarily enter the Dreamscape and traverse this obstruction as if it were not there. The journey however is very taxing, due to the concentration required for such a feat. As the DreamSeer passes through the density, the avatar is instantly returned to the Dreamscape, causing the art to negate itself, fortunately, after the obstruction has been traversed.

Art History

In the distant foggy past of the dream, there was once a DreamSeer named Coltura. What irritated Coltura the most was that there were many Gatekeepers who loved to tease her, constantly warding her into small rooms. She examined her own arts, and could find nothing that would help her, so she used her insight abilities to examine the fabric of the dream itself, and discovered a way to mold the dream itself into an amulet that would allow her to pass through any ward. She called this new art Blend, as it enabled her to blend through any warded portal, no matter who had created the ward. The House Gatekeepers grumbled a lot, and eventually moved on to other methods to tease her.



Blend will not allow a user to pass through a Portal that has been warded multiple times.

Evoker must be able to pass through the Portal under normal circumstances.

The evoke cone for this are is jade with a plum riser.