Elemental Mass

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A lump of material that may be used as the owner sees fit.

Typically used in role-plays for the forging of items.

Similar to Power Tokens


Perhaps my greatest feat with the Apparatus, however, was not the creation of any simple talisman. I (Em'et) decided that I wanted to further my control of the Apparatus. The two tools of Augh Essul that I had weren't enough; I decided to create my own tool; my own legacy. I began this undertaking with much planning and work, and it took me several experiments to accomplish. But when I was done, I completed the Moderator; a tool which would help me safely conduct experiments with the Apparatus.

Since then my experiments have become safer; nothing is ever truly safe, but there have been less explosions, less blinding, less loss. I have forged a second tool of my own called the Mind Net, which greatly expands what can be done with the Apparatus.

With the Mind Net, I am able to control what happens in areas that the Apparatus is connected to, even if I am not present myself. It was through this Mind Net that I worked with Pamelar to create an Unformed Talisman font in Threshold Pits; these talisman are now known as Elemental Masses.

Working with Pam had opened my eyes to new perspectives; I needed a partner in my works. So I took Pam on as an apprentice for working with the Apparatus. The methods are a closely kept secret between the two of us. I taught her all I know about the Apparatus, and she helped me learn new things about it I had not yet discovered. Though she has less practical experience with the Apparatus, I trust her using the tools as much as I trust myself.


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