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i. Statement of Mission

We, as GateKeepers, have a duty to protect the dream from internal and external threats. These duties are delineated as follows:

iA.) To work towards the advancement and improvement of the GateKeeper focus; to support those of the will focus in their training and advancement.

iB.) Protection of the city from those with ill intent. Many dreamers do not enter or operate in Underlight with the best of intentions. It is our duty to ensure that the dream is lucid for all.

iC.) Protection of the dreamscape as a whole. The dream, like the dreamers in it, evolves and changes. It is our duty to observe the dreamscape and maintain its balance.

iD.) Service to the dream itself and to its dreamers. We seek to serve the dream and those in it.

ii. Statement of values

We, as GateKeepers, are all individual dreamers. We may be Freesoul or Illuminated. Imprisoner, banisher, or cleanser. A member of a house at any rank or not in a house at all. A male or female. A teacher or not. We are united in the Willpower focus. Within our focus, we are equals. As a focus, we do not engage in pettiness or politics. We do not have a formal leader or rank structure. We are equal guild members serving a common purpose.

iii. Statement of membership

All dreamers who are GateKeepers are guild members. There is no application for membership. We encourage participation in our meetings and activities but do not enforce it. Likewise, we will admonish members who fail to abide by our mission and values.

iv. Statement of meeting time and place

Unless otherwise stated, this guild will meet formally once every two weeks, the second and fourth Friday of the month at 7pm DST in the GateKeeper's Guildhall. Other meetings and activities can be coordinated between members but should be communicated to all members who wish to participate.

(Amendments to this may follow as decided upon by guild members during formal meetings)

This plane is restricted to Gatekeepers.
The Gatekeepers access the guild hall by using the art Translocate.
The Gatekeeper Guild is located in East Valley of Totality.
The first recorded leader of the Gatekeeper Guild was Dynae Arcturus.
Reflect was the first art created by the Gatekeeper Guild.