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Follow the winding path along Valley of Totality to Peace Corpse.

Underlight Current History

PoR Initiate.gif

Currently Closed.

Past House Facts

Plane: Valley of Totality

Belief: Opensoul

Practice: Banishment


Prime Artifact: Soul of Radiance

House Art: Radiant Blaze

Past House Roster

Rulers: Lu Chaos, Black Cloud, Coraal, Purple Lace, LadySilver

Guardians: Tamarisk, Elmer, Dakkoth, Sorsha, Vill Valoran,

Initiates: Calabosh, RangnaroQ, Sublimemota, Harlen Ronit, Xi Q, Seidy, Em'et, Crystalline, Etormkim, Nathan,

The Peace Corpse

by Coraal

There has been much in the way of speculation and shock concerning the Peace Corpse as a new and vibrant "faction" within the City of Dreams. Some of this speculation touches on truth, but far more is based on rumor and hearsay; and this City fairly teems with rumors and hearsay.

So today we come before you in the hopes of making it clear exactly who the Peace Corpse happens to be and the path upon which we have set ourselves upon. Much of this information was presented at our recent seminar but, for those of you who could not be present; we welcome you to read below:

Who and what is the Peace Corpse?

The Peace Corpse is a mercantile collective that exists for a two-fold purpose. The first, to offer services to the citizenry of the City in the form of contractual agreements geared to accomplish payment for the Peace Corpse with the successful completion of the business venture. The second, to work fully as an inclusive collective to achieve each of our personal and group goals and potentials and then exceeding them. In addition, it is the aim of the Peace Corpse to create an entirely new culture of dreaming existence through the full combination of Lyran thought and mindset with Idoaclasian drive and determination.

Is the Peace Corpse the latest House in the City?

The answer to this is no. The Peace Corpse is not a House nor do we choose to be considered as such. While we do occupy the stronghold of the defunct Protectors of the Radiance, we are in no way seeking to establish ourselves as anything more than a business entity run and administered by a group of highly dedicated, and strongly motivated, dreamers.

If you aren't a House then what, if any, beliefs do the Peace Corpse support?

The Peace Corpse is loathe to place ourselves in a position to enforce any specific belief structure on our members. We feel this to be detrimental and opens the door for conflict when differences in belief arise between other dreamers. Simply look into the Illuminate vs Freesoul debates or the various periods of Imprisoning vs Draining vs Banishing conflicts and you will understand our reluctance. To this point, we are an Opensoul group allowing our members to subscribe to whatever belief resonates best with their personal preference of how their dreams should be experienced.

What is the stance of the Peace Corpse when it comes to the use of maren essences?

The debate on the usage of essence has long been an issue of contention within the City. The Peace Corpse subscribes to the preference of banishment where maren essences are concerned. As a group, we feel this is the best method for dealing with the maren presence in the City, but this does not suggest a form of belief when it comes to the essences in question. Banishment is simply the means to an end as far as the Peace Corpse is concerned.

Where does the Peace Corpse stand in relation to the existing Houses of the City?

We wish it to be made perfectly clear that the Peace Corpse is not in any way a political body, nor do we choose to enforce a political agenda of our own. As a mercantile interest, the involvement of our group in the politics of the City has the potential to create limitations on our goals and members that we are not willing to tolerate. All actions by the Peace Corpse as a whole are in the interests of furthering the aims and goals that we set for ourselves and in the best manner possible to address the specific needs of our clients through a contract basis. If the Peace Corpse is acting on behalf of a House or faction, under the basis of contract, this does not signify alliance or an agreement of belief. Where the concern of the Peace Corpse exists, this is a business arrangement which will benefit our faction upon completion of contract.

How does a dreamer request a contract and what are the terms available?

All contract requests are made directly to the leadership members of the Peace Corpse and a discussion will be held between client and Peace Corpse. The contract itself will clearly detail the exact needs of the client and will include, but not in any way limiting, the manner in which the contract will be conducted and concluded, the payment for the successful resolution of the contract, the duration (if possible) of the contract in question, and the level of manpower needed in order to fulfill a contract. All of these details are fully negotiable and the Peace Corpse is more than willing to engage in discussion on these points to a satisfactory resolution for our clientele. Additionally, it is to be known that the Peace Corpse will not accept *any* contracts against any current member of the Peace Corpse and that the Peace Corpse can, at any time, deny a contract on the basis that it conflicts with the interests of our faction. Full details on Peace Corpse contract availability will be provided at a later time.

What kinds of contracts are available?

The Peace Corpse is willing to negotiation a variety of contracts with potential clients. The nature of the contract will be determined at the time of contact with the Peace Corpse and can range from something as simple as providing a additional dreamers to assist in an experiment, to bodyguard details for City gatherings, and even a direct "collapse on sight" contract against a dreamer you may not presently be able to accomplish without assistance. Quite literally all options are on the table and negotiation to this point is welcome. Please refer, however, to the above statement that the Peace Corpse retails the sole rights to deny any contract on the basis that it conflicts with the interests of our faction.

What if a contract is placed on me. Am I able to avoid it?

As with any business venture, the option of negotiation is open. Unless a contract is specifically drafted to avoid the allowance of negotiation; a dreamer who finds themselves under threat of contract (i.e. the "target") is able, at any time, to attempt to buy out the contract in question placed upon them. The Peace Corpse is not fulfilling a contract out of personal bias or intent. We are simply engaging in our standard operations of our business. It is therefore highly reasonable that a dreamer who does not wish to be on the receiving end of any potential negative contract be willing to avoid that same contractual outcome by offering something of similar or greater value to "buy out" a contract in exchange. Once again, the Peace Corpse reserves the right to determine if a "buy out" is possible but negotiation on this point is always available to any dreamer who chooses to exercise this option.

Wait. Isn't buying out of a contract to float me a form of extortion?

That is an interesting question. Before anyone begins to use words such as "extortion" or "blackmail" in relation to the Peace Corpse; please consider the following: if a teacher refuses to teach a student unless they follow a very limited and specific path to knowledge based on personal belief; that is extortion. If a group of dreamers warns you, for example, that you shouldn't advertise the "draining or banishment of essences" because it defies a House belief and will raise the ire of those dreamers who believe such and thus lead to recrimination; that is extortion. It is a sad fact that extortion and blackmail exist in many current forms within the the City and it is an unfortunate aspect of the dreaming life we all enjoy. In this instance, the Peace Corpse is not attempting to force any dreamer to buy out a contract that has been placed by another party. We are simply offering an alternative if the dreamer in question would prefer to pursue a different avenue other than the resolution of the contract levied against them.

It is the hope of the Peace Corpse that the residents of the City can see that what we are offering is a new and different approach to how dreams are experienced and represent a departure from the existing mindsets that have directed the dreaming experience of countless dreamers for a long time. We are fully aware that the acceptance of change is difficult and that there exists the potential for dreamers to disagree with our method of dreaming within the City. We accept this as fact and welcome those dreamers who are most concerned to speak with us directly, and openly, for a full disclosure to help ease any concerns that might arise. We guarantee that any such discussions will be handled in a rational and professional manner and will not result in physical reprisal should disagreement continue to exist after discussion is concluded. It is not the aim of any member of the Peace Corpse to hold against any dreamer their personal belief.

This being stated, we look forward to the continuance of our dreaming experience in the manner by which we feel is best accomplished for our faction and for those dreamers who choose to engage in our dreams with us. The Peace Corpse is officially open for business, and we await the opportunity to serve your needs.

Sincerest thanks for your time and attention.

In solidarity and strength,

Pa'uqo Coraal, Guardian of the Peace Corpse

The Peace Corpse - Chapter 1

by Black Cloud

Some dreamers shine because they follow those who have the spotlight. Others shine because they force the creation of a new one. They choose a side that faces the greatest opposition. A side that most would not dare take simply due to the backlash and judgement of others. The story of The Peace Corpse is one of the latter. One may say that these dreamers chose the wrong side, but to them there is no right or wrong. There is only the path which they believe in, and in the City of Dreams, what reason is there for objection besides trying to maintain a mold which only fits them? They were free to take any path which was already available. These paths would have simplified their progression, allowing them to acquire the skills and power they sought. For some, however, progression is not following, but it is paving new roads.

The Peace Corpse began with a small meeting. Lu Chaos, Black Cloud and Coraal stood alone discussing the state of the City. They pointed out the imbalance of power and education that did not agree with their dreams, the quick-to-judge mentality shared by so many and the lack of patience for anything different from their own dreams. Recently departing from KoES, a house which was taking heat from all sides, they had become accustom to the challenge. Up until this point, the mercenary faction, which was briefly hired by KoES, was known as the Wolf Pack. As they developed a new philosophy, they had to transform in to something greater, The Peace Corpse.

The Peace Corpse is not just a mercenary faction. It is the manifestation of what they want their dreams to be. It was created for dreamers that want to forge their own paths, support others in doing the same, and as a family, progress together. They knew that in order to follow through with this new philosophy, they would need a stronghold. They did not want to adopt beliefs for the sake of joining a house or have to have to lie to themselves to achieve their goals. They aimed to dream with no regrets as some have failed to do in the past. Not too long after the first meeting, they were joined by Sorsha and Vill Valorian.

They set out to inspect the closed houses to see which one they would take. The first option was The Union. After learning that Jiovanni might have plans of his own, they decided to look elsewhere out of respect. The next option was the Protectors of Radiance. It just so happened that Kael Lupich was sensed at PoR. They made their way up there and notified Kael that they had plans to take the PoR stronghold as the new Peace Corpse headquarters. Kael insulted them in the beginning, but after seeing determination in their eyes, he challenged them to find at least ten members and gather the necessary strength to open the doors. A challenge which pushed them further down their own path, what more could they ask for?

The Peace Corpse set out to teach their principles to dreamers who showed interest in joining. Before they knew it, they had over ten dreamers. Lu Chaos, Black Cloud, Coraal, Sorsha, Vill Valorian, RangnaroQ, Nathan, Sublimemota, Avayla, Xi Q, Calabosh, and Harlen Ronit made their pledge. They began gathering the strength. As they only had one Soulmaster who could trap, every pledge began to hunt and collect strength any way they could. The Peace Corpse even searched out of their group to hire a dreamer or two to aid in their efforts. They found one dreamer who offered their services for payment. The Peace Corpse encountered others who turned them down or told them that what they were attempting was not possible, especially without their help. The Peace Corpse also acquired page seven of Immortal Dreams. They underestimated The Peace Corpse. By the end of that week, they had acquired the strength needed.

Next, they gathered members at the PoR façade and spent the whole day waiting for Kael Lupich to return. Eventually Kael appeared but was teleported and held prisoner in KoES, now run by Sharque and other darkmares. The Peace Corpse rushed to KoES to free him where they were met by the other houses and dreamers of the city. Kael Lupich was trapped inside of the house while the portals were closed. There was no way to enter until a time-traveler, Figment, arrived. He created a special teleporter for dreamers to transport them inside the house. A big battle ensued in the center hall. Kael Lupich was trapped in the middle while Sharque and several other darkmares fought to keep him there. Many were collapsed but eventually the darks were defeated and Kael Lupich was freed. The Peace Corpse returned to the Protectors of Radiance façade where Kael initiated the first members. Lu Chaos and Black Cloud were given ruler crests. Vill Valorian, Sorsha, and Coraal were given guardian crests. The other members were given initiate crests. They were in! They acquired a house for The Peace Corpse, or did they?

Shortly after, Portunes made an appearance. He demoted Black Cloud, Xi Q, and some others before another battle began. Dreamers fought a common enemy as Portunes threatened to take everyone’s crests away and lock the houses. The battle started at the PoR façade, to the Valley, and then to Harrow Glades. Eventually Portunes was collapsed by the collective force against him. Some say he was dreamstruck by Zar’tenya, some say she wasn't. The Peace Corpse returned to the house where Black Cloud and the others were re-initiated. The battle was won.

Over the next couple of weeks The Peace Corpse continued to grow. They worked together to acquire the house art, Radiant Blaze and Kael Lupich became the official Seneschal. New brothers and sisters included Nathan, Seidy, Crystalline, and most recently, Em’et Etormkim.

The Peace Corpse continues to fight for the greater good of the City of Dreams. They are very aware that the backlash would be real and that certain groups would not accept them for some time. But they are a strong-minded and determined group of dreamers who keep each other steady and focused. It is only a matter of time before the City truly understands their purpose. End of Chapter One

The Ten Tenets of the Peace Corpse

by Coraal

1. The only limits that exist are those that we place upon ourselves

So very many people fail to reach their full potential due to limitations that they place upon themselves. The sad reality is that they do not even realize that they are doing this. But why should this be so? What events or stimuli have occurred that would cause someone to create such obstruction for themselves? We may never truly know the reasons behind this. But what we *do* know is that limitations, whether placed in our path by forces beyond our control, or by our very selves, were meant to be faced and conquered so that we can achieve that which we are fully capable. And once this objective has been achieved, we strive to exceed it in a never ending process of growth and improvement. This is the very essence of what it means to be free. Free from limitation, free from doubt, free from illusion, and free from fear. It is for this very reason that the Peace Corpse strives to recognize those limitations that obstruct our paths, both as individuals and as a whole, and remove them. In the end; "The person who receives the greatest reward is the person who first helped themselves."

2. My word is my bond

For the majority of people; but three virtues are given from the moment the first breath is taken: your blood, your name, and your word. And of these virtues only one can be lost; your word. There is nothing that can ever change your blood and those connected to you through it, and none can ever truly change the name that was imprinted upon your soul. But your word is something altogether different, for *you* are in sole control of its custody. It is for this reason that your word should be considered as your most prized possession. Give it sparingly and only after great thought and consideration for your choices and failings reflect not just upon yourself, but on your fellows as well.

3. My companions before the stranger

There are few bonds greater than those of family, save the bonds in which we create for ourselves. Existence is already enough of a challenge in some form or fashion for each living being so there is both comfort and strength in the concept of community. The Peace Corpse is a community founded on the principals of loyalty, dedication, strength, honor, and unity. To the support and maintenance of these ideals we are fiercely protective. This same mentality extends, and should include, all members of the Peace Corpse. Whether social, business, martial, political, or educational; no other should come before a member of the Peace Corpse. Additionally, the defense of our community is paramount in a society that, admittedly or not, is encouraging of our dissolution. To this effect all members should expect to stand in ready defense should any member come under attack without cause. Only by standing in such support of one another can we continue our rise and maintain the integrity of our community.

4. All for one, and one for all

Ours is a unique path that we have created for ourselves and which we now find ourselves upon. It is unique in that we choose to operate as a full collective and encourage all members of the Peace Corpse to join in with their thoughts, ideas, and goals. In the fashion of true unity, it is both our desire and our creed to assist any and all members in the achievement of their dreams. The same line of thought holds true for the Peace Corpse as a whole where our joint goals are concerned. At no time should any member of this community feel as though their contributions do not matter for all members bring something unique and different to the community. It is this very concept of uniqueness that, when truly combined with other who are willing to venture together to achieve joint aims, gives rise to both unity and strength of purpose. To this end, all members should recognize that their goals are the same goals of the Peace Corpse. It does not matter if this be for quest assistance, combat training, social interaction, basket weaving, etc. It is our express goal to work together to achieve our goals and potential as a whole and then to exceed them. For the Peace Corpse, there can be no higher drive.

5. Professionalism is a way of life. Govern yourself accordingly

It is no secret that we often find ourselves in situations that cause us to feel extreme stress and pressure, or which give rise to those negative aspects of our personalities of which we are ashamed to reveal to others. There is absolutely no fault in being human, but there is wisdom in attempting to curb the very excesses of our nature. Professionalism is one of the most important aspects of life with the Peace Corpse. We are as much a business as we are a community and it is therefore of the highest importance that we maintain a professional appearance at all times. There will be many times when you might be accosted with negative words, assumptions, or mindsets, and we should expect these situations to occur due to the unique nature of our business and our community. But what power do words, or false perceptions, or limited mindsets truly have over any of us? The answer is that they have no power at all unless we choose to empower them so. A breach of professionalism in either behavior or demeanor is always the choice of the individual. There is no excuse or blame to place on any other but ourselves should this occur. To this point the Peace Corpse strives for professionalism in all dealings and members are expected to conduct and govern themselves accordingly.

6. The world is a stage for promotion

Whether you recognize this or not, there are often a great number of missed opportunities around us at all times that can be used to promote ourselves, and our community. The world is truly a stage and we should always be cognizant of the varied roles we are asked to play. One should never not take advantage of a situation in which we can further our aims, or make a positive impression for our community and business in the public domain. Always remember: the moment your name or cause has become the news of yesterday; you are already forgotten.

7. Knowledge equals power...and profit

There is a saying: "The wise man hears profit in the wind." This is true in many different ways but in essence boils down to the simple fact that knowledge equals power and profit. The acquisition of knowledge in and of itself contains its own rewards for the one acquiring it. However, the nature of the information is also highly relevant. At no point should you summarily dismiss any information you receive as gossip or of no consequence. Many times there are hidden meanings behind much of what is communicated openly. It is our task to sift through this information to find those gems that will become the basis for future profit. Never discount the profitability of words. You cannot be sure that a seemingly worthless comment to one person is not invaluable to another.

8. War is good for business; Peace is good for business

On this point there can be no denial. A good businessperson is able to find, or create, opportunity no matter what political or socioeconomic situation the market happens to exist in at any given time. If it is a time of war, then our business should naturally include the provision of weaponry or restorative measures, manpower, training, or intangible goods such as social support or diplomacy. If we stand at a time of peace, then our business should rightly reflect this as well. There is no valid excuse for why business is not available save that we are not applying ourselves creatively enough and wholeheartedly tot he task of accumulating the profits we require in order to function in the most efficient manner possible. Opportunity is out there, ripe for the picking, and just waiting for the deft hand to pluck it for the table.

9. Every man has his price

No matter how an offer is received, there is always the potential for a more lucrative deal to be struck. This is most especially pertinent in situations where prospective clients opt to turn down a service or good being offered. It takes shrewd bargaining, intelligent negotiation, and versatility in order to satisfy a client to the point of committing to an agreement. However, there is no point in retreating from the field of business after an initial rejection. Every man has a price and if some small amount of time is allowed to pass, a return can be made with an updated and more enticing offer. Many times a client simply needs to be provided with a selection of options from which to choose before agreeing on a final arrangement and it is the job of the Peace Corpse to provide these options. A satisfied client is a returning client and therefore a source of continuing income and profit. Always strive to operate in a fashion that promotes repetitive business and before long you will have completely cornered the market.

10. If that is what is written, then that is what is written

Contractual obligation is at the very core of the business aspect of the Peace Corpse. From the moment a contract has been established it is our responsibility to see to it's successful resolution by any means possible in order to satisfy the needs of our clients. To this effect, it is of utmost importance that all contracts be drafted with both client and Peace Corpse needs in mind before any finalized agreement has been struck. Once an agreement has be reached and a contract has been drafted, the Peace Corpse will uphold that contract, and all stipulations therein, to the fullest extend of our ability. It is, however, the responsibility of the client to promote specific details as to how the success of any particular contract should be achieved. Therefore it is the responsibility of the community member to be fully aware of the contract details to which they are performing their tasks. Once the contract has been sealed by full agreement of both parties; what is written is what will be enacted. Should a client not make full or pertinent stipulations within the boundaries of the contract, the Peace Corpse is under no obligation to consider what has not already been drafted. Members of the community will simply carry out the contract, as written and agreed upon, until the contract resolution has been met to the full satisfaction of the client.

Official Statement from the Peace Corpse

Fellow dreamers, brothers and sisters, salutations.

Once more the tides of conflict have shifted in our direction and the drums of war echo within ready earshot. The very real threat of Dreamstrike, that seemingly inevitable and consistently reoccurring malady, has fully returned and those who possess it have shifted their attention upon our City. It is with no small measure of concern that I recognize conflict as one of the most pervasive and unavoidable facts of dreaming life within this most fairest and wondrous of realities.

The citizens of this City are drawn from many different shards, and possess the variety of mindsets and personalities that truly define the diverse strength of this community. It is therefore natural that there should be a variety of sympathies with regard to the issues and circumstances of this most recent rise in aggression. Some will favor one mindset, others another. It will be easy to excite passions and extremely difficult to quell them. No matter the personal preference of the individual; all within our community will in some way be affected.

In light of these statements, in the first-hand witness of DreamStrike, and the loss which we have accordingly suffered as a result when Kor'pz fell; we dreamers of the Peace Corpse now find ourselves standing at a crossroads. Our past interactions with the dreaming community would lead many to rightly assume that a directed response to this incident should be expected. But I come before you today to state that this will not come to pass.

The costs of war can never truly be accounted for, and revenge is merely a confession of pain. It is in the understanding and acceptance of these truths that the Peace Corpse has chosen a different direction in which to proceed along our chosen path towards the realization of our aspirations.

As of this writing, the Peace Corpse will assume a position of neutrality with regard to the City and the greater community therein. We have learned that our involvement in the affairs of others comes often at great cost, and that some favors carry too high a price. We further recognize and acknowledge that such involvement with regard to interpersonal, political, and social situations has caused us to be derelict in the core duty and responsibility of all whom reside within our City: the enhancement and custodianship of the Dream State.

Continued involvement in the manner to which we have conducted ourselves in the past would prove fatal to our peace of mind and seriously stand in the way of the proper performance of our duty as a faction now fully devoted to the direct expansion, enhancement, and maintenance of the City itself, and prevent the Peace Corpse from holding ourselves prepared to perform the role of impartial mediation and promote the concepts of cooperation and accommodation, not as a partisan faction, but as friends and fellow members of the family that is the greater dreaming community.

Our stance of neutrality extends to all citizens of the Dreamstate in our belief that all beings, dreamer and mare alike, have the inalienable right to exist and dream in a manner that is conducive to the growth and evolution of all beings within the whole. And while we oppose the possession and use of the fel Art of DreamStrike, we will act only in the preservation and protection of any dreamer under direct threat of Strike in the form of restoration and non-aggressive support should these same potential victims not possess the Art themselves.

It is our hope that this latest series of conflicts comes to a swift and amicable close for all parties involved and that we can, all of us, come together with renewed drive and determination to form new and lasting bonds of friendship and cooperation for the betterment of us all. To create the brighter future that all of us should envision to share with those dreamers who come after us and, perhaps, permanently put to rest those underlying forces and concepts that continuously embroil us in those states of conflict and strife that undermine and make impossible a truly peaceful and productive dreaming existence.

Yours, with utmost respect and deepest sincerity,

Pa'uqo Coraal, Chaplain of the Radiance, Captain of the Peace Corpse

Notice to the Order of the Light and the rest of The City

by Black Cloud

For those of you who don't know me, I am Black Cloud, co-founder and Captain of the Peace Corpse.

Last night Harkyn and possibly some other(s) attacked members of The Corpse. The details on who else was involved is not that important. I am not too different from Harkyn. I'm not much of a drinker, but I enjoy love makin' and fighting is what I do best. But, I don't like Harkyn, and for good reason. He's tried to be the thorn under my nail from our inception, taking whatever chance he has to try'n prove his superiority.

Well I say this now, loud and clear. If you want to try and take on the Peace Corpse, bring it. Luckily for you and OoL the last war was called off right when the tables had turned on you, and you all are well aware of that. I have never dropped anyone as quick as we dropped you (twice), Bladeslayer, Jade, and Dina. I'd love to do that again. Since then we have grown in power and numbers. And, now that Bladeslayer and Dreiko are 9th sphere, I hunger for their energy, so bring them along!

This new episode of yours is understood, but just as selfish as the cause of the last war. You give long reasoning to justify your craving but make it sound as if a hit to your honor is actually worth it. Who doesn't know that you're an OoL goon? You don't have to wear your crest. Hell, you don't even need to HAVE a crest for us to know that you belong to them! You have done their dirty work for too long to ever be able to break that bond.

Your expectations of us have no value. We owe your house no explanation or warning of our endeavors. We do our best to keep The City up to date with things that concern them, but you are not an authority above us. The corruption of your house is one of the main reasons that the Peace Corpse exists today.

You still underestimate The Corpse as you did in the beginning, but if you would like for us to remind you, we have just what you need. The destruction of your forward armory is but an example of what we can do. If you think you can control our curious minds, our gifts, and our persistence then you are mistaken, old one. While your house may hold ghosts, our stronghold is a powerful living entity. Now, I hold your items. Come get them from me, Harkyn. Bring your friends if that's what it takes.

-Captain Black Cloud

Order of Light VS Peace Corpse

Things have really heated up between the Peace Corpse and the Order of the Light in the last couple of dreams. It started with Tamarisk (PC Member, Former OoL Member) "Outing" Harkyn as a member of OoL, and Harkyn taking Tamarisk to task over revealing secrets that he was entrusted with, and trying to use them against Harkyn in specific.

So, Harkyn went to an event that Tamarisk was at and floated Tamarisk. Other members of the Peace Corpse joined in, and were also floated. Apparently, Dreiko and Flower of Cienn supported Harkyn (at least once other people besides Tamarisk, joined in).

So, in response... the Peace Corpse (Nearly their entire house, including several mostly inactive members) went up to the Order of the Light last night and conducted a ritual on the Maren Altar (What some call Chao Portls, or Chaos Portals). Moving it into the Orders Forward Vault and destabilizing the entire plane.

House Calenture members Uthanatos, Frey, Zenobia, and Arnaya investigated. The Peace Corpse confirmed that they had done something in retaliation for Harkyn's attacks, and after some time, left. Once they had gone, The Calenture Members set out the work of stabilizing the plane again.

Since then, several skirmishes between OoL members and the Peace Corpse have occurred, including one fairly substantial one in Threshold Pits between Tember and Harkyn of the Order, and Lu Chaos, Black Cloud, Dar'canon, Purple Lace, LadySilver, and Poppygirl (possibly a couple of others) which resulted at least 7 floats on Peace Corpse warriors, while only 2 on the OoL members.

It has been reported that Lu Chaos used an artifact known as the artifact, The Claw of Mork on Bladeslayer of OoL as well, sending Bladeslayer into one of the cities rifts for a short time and breaking the Claw.

Apparently the conflict's basis was that Harkyn went after Tamarisk on a personal level for one collapse, when other Peace Corpse members joined in. They too were floated, then Coraal apparently grabbed all the items fallen from the dropped members and wouldn't admit that he had taken them, nor give them to Harkyn who claimed victors rights to them. So now claims issue with Coraal for theft. While the Peace Corpse claims Harkyn's efforts to be completely unwarranted and blames the entire Order of the Light.

More to come I don't doubt

~Arnaya, Soulmistress

An Abjuring Evil Continues

As she floated before Dar'canon, Dina felt her anger growing. She would not be thwarted so easily, she told herself. It was about this time that Hammen, Coraal, Black Cloud, Lu Chaos, and the late arriving Em'et burst through the nearest portal. Dina was about to say something when she saw Dar'canon pull forth a very familiar looking mace from his bag and heft it onto his shoulder with two hands. "But how?!" she exclaimed. The reflection of the mace shined in her eyes and it did not take long for the others to realize what was happening. "No!" Em'et yelled, "I won't let you do it!" Lu Chaos seemed just as confused as he said, "Brother, put it away. What are you thinking?"

Dar'canon paid no mind to their pleading as he approached Dina slowly. The weight of the mace was clear in his step and his determination was clear on his, usually unreadable, face. Coraal quickly stepped between Dar and Dina. "Stop!" he demanded as he threw up his hands and stood bravely before the soul sphere. "She has done nothing to deserve this. The prime is safe and we can return the others to their respectful houses. Dina will pay for her crimes but not like this." His voice turned pleading as he finished speaking but Dar'canon's only reaction was disgust as he shifted the weight of the mace in order to free one hand. Once that was done he swooped his arm horizontally in front of him and some invisible force propelled Coraal out of the way, slamming him into the nearest wall. After hitting the floor he did not move. LadySilver who had came in unnoticed began to cry very loudly at this point, in fact it was better described as more of a wailing. Lu turned his attention from Coraal to Dar'canon with a deep growl coming from low in his throat. Black Cloud never left his side. All parties were on edge and the tension in the air was thick enough to slow ones movement.

However, what happened next, seemed to happen all at once and those in attendance have described the act as a movie. Lu released a chakram aimed for Dar and Cloud's chakram followed close behind. Upon impact, the mace was flung away but Dar seemed little more than jostled as he began firing off evokes. As effective as his abjuring was, it proved futile with Hammen and now present poppygirl keeping Lu Chaos and Black Could fully arted. Realizing this, Dar'canon switched to poisoning between firing chakrams but the combined might of the Peace Corpse was too much and his coherence began to falter.

As everyone thought the situation was almost under control, Dina soul evoked and restored herself before quickly joining in the fray. To this dream, the battle is referred to as the clash of titans and it lasted for 6 hours before Dar'canon finally turned on Dina whom had been assisting him against the Peace Corpse. Their abjuring each other allowed Em'et to paralyze them both and it didn't take long for the others to collapse the two of them.

Dar'canon and Dina floated silently and their fate was discussed. Lu Chaos was demanding answers from Dar'canon and Coraal suggested making Dina and Dar'canon both stand trial before the city. During the confusion Em'et had picked up the mace unnoticed and now stood before both Dina and Dar'canon. In one fell swoop he finished them both off before turning to face the room and saying, "Let that be an end to the soulmaster elites." The Corpse stood in silence. "You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you'll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present."

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