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What are they? From where do they come? The only thing known about them is they are unpredictable and cannot be trusted...


Player 'mares gain and lose xp much like dreamers. However, unlike dreamer characters, player 'mares are not restricted by spheres and do not need to seek a teacher to advance. By collapsing dreamer characters, nightmares or other player 'mares, player 'mares grow in power. When obtaining one of three thresholds of power player 'mares will mutate into a stronger form. Player 'mares can advance from Bogrom to Horron.

Any powers gained by player 'mares last no longer than 24 hours. After 24 hours a player 'mare reverts to its natural state.


  • Player mares can only use predefined speech and actions.
  • Player mares are only sensible of babble from dreamers and cannot read nametags.
  • Player mares cannot use items.
  • Player mares are limited to three arts: Drain Essence, Show Talisman and Sense Dreamers. Descriptions found here.
  • New Art Ability! The Art of Shatter allows Pmares to shatter Wards.
  • Player mares take damage within sanctuaries.
  • Player mares cannot be blinded, paralyzed or staggered.
  • Player mares regenerate dreamsoul even when moving.
  • Player mares have special attacks based on mare species.

Bogrom: Orbits = 0-4. Claw-like attack with the possibility of invisibility.

Agoknight: Orbits = 5-14. Claw-like attack with strong back shielding.

Shamblix: Orbits = 15-44. Paralyzing and damaging projectile, curse gaze and near invulnerability in front.

Horron: Orbits = 45-above. Damaging projectiles that blind, damage/fear aura, paralyzing gaze and more powerful frontal shielding.

Player 'Mare Game Rules

  • Player mares must follow the three laws of Underlight.
  • Player mares cannot post on the IC forums. These posts will be considered out of character and will be deleted. The poster may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Player mares should not be used to aid a dreamer character by carrying out vendettas. Player mares do not possess the same knowledge that dreamer characters possess. Using them in this way is out of character and the offender may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Player mares should not use out of character means to further their attacks. For example, it is not appropriate to coordinate attacks through IRC or ICQ.
  • Player mares should not file a complaint because the player mare character was being attacked "without reason." Being a player mare is reason enough!

Player 'Mare Pricing Information

20 Role-play points = 1 Pmare Credit.

Cost is Pmare Credits

  • Bogrom: 1 Pmare credit per 15 minutes
  • Agoknight: 2 Pmare credit per 15 minutes
  • Shamblix: 3 Pmare credit per 15 minutes.

Fifteen Minute Minimum

Fifteen minutes is the minimum length of a player nightmare session for billing purposes. However, the number of minutes for all log-ins in a particular day are summed to determine the charge, with a 15 minute session minimum. This ensures that you will not be charged extra due to inadvertant logouts (storms). For example, you could log in and play as a Shamblix for 10 minutes, then later "resume session" and play again as a Shamblix for 5 minutes, and you would only be charged for one 15 minute session. Session minutes are summed and charged nightly at 1:00AM PST.

After the first fifteen minutes, time played will be rounded up to the nearest minute, and accounts will be charged per minute of play. So, if you play starting as a Shamblix for 17 minutes, you will only be charged for exactly 17 minutes of play - NOT for two fifteen minute sessions.

Note that session minutes for different starting nightmare types are summed separately, so if you play for 10 minutes starting as an Agoknight and for 10 minutes starting as a Shamblix, you will be charged for a 15 minute Agoknight session and a 15 minute Shamblix session.

Player 'Mare Timer

The Player mare timer is an option available to you to ensure that you do not exceed a predetermined charge. After the minutes indicated on the timer you will be automatically exited from the game. Additionally, for your protection, you may play for a maximum of of time per day. If no minutes are entered in the timer you will not be automatically exited until you reach the limit.

Resume Session

Providing you play on the same computer and under the same Windows user, you may resume your player mare session. You retain any experience gained for the duration of your 24 hour limit (timer starts at first login of the session), after which your player mare will automatically reset. The price rate will remain the same for those 24 hours, regardless of what form your player mare has evolved into. For example: If you begin as a Bogrom but evolve into a Shamblix within 24 hours, you will retain Bogrom pricing even though you are playing a Shamblix for the duration of that 24 hours.

You are able to enter Underlight as a dreamer between player mare sessions and retain your resume session. You may log in and out of Underlight as many times as you want within that 24 hour session, but you will be charged every time you exit and return as a player mare.