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A group calling themselves the Illuminate Vanguard, under the leadership of a dreamer named Zaxun (holding the title of General), issued a decree proclaiming Freesouls and the Idoaclesian survivors (as well as anyone else "Foreign to our soil" to be Traitors and Enemies of the city. This was answered by the Knight Commander of the Freesoul Templars, Xun'rok, who called on Zaxun and the Illuminate Vanguard to take the opportunity presented by the Idoaclesians to learn and strengthen the city. Talberon, an Idoaclesian elder, returned to both Zaxun and Xun'rok with a statement about the Idoaclesian dreamers being independent and standing together to fortify the city against hostile outside forces. Talberon also foreshadowed the return of some of those that were previously dreamstruck and advised that their return will foreshadow dark forces arriving. At this point, it seems to be before the gates were accessible to many of the former residents of the city from Lyran times, and many of the Idoaclesian dreamers don't seem to have found their way here yet. The houses seem to have been closed during these events, and the Lyrans at least seem to have lost some of the power that they one commanded.

Shortly after those statements were issued, Keltarn (a researcher of "The Order", unknown precise reference as both the Lyran and Idoaclesian cities are reported to have had factions known as "The Order" in routine address. The lyran cities was: The Order of the Sable Moon (a research dedicated house), while the Idoaclesian City held: The Eternal Order) made references odd occurrences being reported by Idoaclesian patrols of the rifts, and reports of ghosts repeating past events were noted. Keltarn vanished before his research could be made public, and signs of a struggle were found. The Illuminate Vanguard decreed the Freesouls and Idoaclesians responsible.

The following month, May 2014, Talberon (Idoaclesian elder) reported that the Hota Clan had been noted arriving in Underlight, and relayed some history of the "Rift Walkers" from the Idoaclesian city and their quest into chaos for other cities, along with the subsequent battles against the Hota and the return to their variant of two members of the Rift Walkers (Lady Soraya and Lord Ralnora). Talberon reported that two cycles (believed to be equivalent of years) after that event, the Hota attacked and destroyed the Idoaclesian variant.

A short time later, a decree was found proclaiming that the Circle of Faith was present and followed their former master still (Unknown exact reference, but they seem to have been a group of Idoaclesian dreamers. Perhaps Cult of Bashir, but I am uncertain of accuracy of that). There also appears to have been continuing friction between the Free Souls, Illuminates, and Idoaclesians.

In June of 2014, The illuminate Vanguard leader's (Zaxun) dreamstruck wife (Sabriela) returned to the dreamstate and was cared for by the Idoaclesians (though the Freesouls claimed her as one of their own and forcefully requested that she be given over to the Freesouls for care). The Illuminates appear to have stepped up their attacks against the Idoaclesians and Freesouls at this point. In response, the Idoaclesians created a group called "The Realms Watch" under the command of Centurion Dosoman, with a mandate similar to the old Lyran City Guard charter (defence of the city above all else basically). This rubbed both the FreeSouls and Illuminates wrong, and caused further friction between the groups. The Realms Watch declared the Hota and Kadatorii darkmares to be the greatest identified threats to the city.

Attacks by Darkmares (Ssvatra and Nadar were specifically reported as Kadatorii squad leaders) seem to have increased during this time, with engagements being reported by the Illuminate Vanguard and the Realms Watch in particular. It was speculated that the Circle of Faith was responsible for the increased Maren presence in the city, and it was reported that the Circle of Faith was active in Union of the Covenant house. A main division of Hota was also noted approaching with one of the Sirens (Yazashinari, Yazashinare, or Yazashinara... uncertain which one of the three was seen).

A mysterious figure identifying itself only as C.C.C. made itself known at this time as well, and chided all of the dreamers for their petty bickering. C.C.C. also stated its intent to slay the returned Dreamstruck dreamers, one by one if necessary. Shortly afterwards, Dosoman... First Centurion of the Realms Watch was slain Illuminate Vanguard with the help of an Idoaclesian traitor. The Illuminate Vanguard also claimed to hold the "Mace of Castigation", an Idoaclesian weapon that apparently holds the power of Dreamstrike. Sabriela took up position as the Second Centurion of the Realms Watch, and reported that the traitor who turned over the Mace of Castigation had been apprehended. He was reported tried, but his fate was known only to the Idoaclesian Elders.

Near the end of June, it seems that the Idoaclesian Elder Kanto gathered together various teachers and began to form a united Teaching Council, though the first meeting was interupted by an attack from the Illuminate Vanguard. This cemented the Realms Watch and Freesoul Templars into the beginnings of an alliance.Editorial: The Illuminate Vanguard leader, Zaxun, seems to become more and more irrational. The reasons are potentially myriad, including the Fall of the Lyran city, the striking of his wife, her return, and an inherent zealotry in regards to Illuminated Soulsaving beliefs (please note that I do not hold that belief at fault, having met many reasonable and decent dreamers that hold to it. I believe that Zaxon himself was unbalanced and any belief he professed would have led to similar outcomes).

C.C.C. again put in some words of cryptic warning, and advised the dreamers not to ignore "That little problem at the graveyard" because somethings should apparently remain buried in the past. Sabriela identifies C.C.C. at this point as the "Crimson Mistress" (believed to be a title granted or held by Zar'tenya, this is unconfirmed however).

Nearly a month later, the conflicts within the city were still boiling over, with the Illuminate Vanguard apparently executing a group of Idoaclesians they found hunting threshold pits. The Hota Siren mentioned earlier was revealed as Yazashinara, and was reported to be attempting to influence the Lesser mares of the city. Hota and Kadatorii numbers were also reported to be increasing substantially. A powerful artifact also appears to have been sought by all of the factions here.

In September of 2014, while the Illuminate Vanguard was attempting to re-open a stronghold, they were attacked by a group of dreamers identified as Arretians who were also reported to be fighting alongside a group of Kadatorii against a Hota force. Another call was made for the Illuminate Vanguard to join forces with the Freesouls and Realms Watch for the defence of the city. Sometime in here, it seems that the main Realms Watch, Illuminate Vanguard, and Free Soul Templar forces left the city to engage the maren forces and establish defensive lines beyond our walls.

By January, the Freesoul Templars and Realms Watch seem to have become fully allied and fighting in coordinated defensive efforts. The Freesouls forces were driven back at a "North Line" and fell back to another city known as Valoura. Apparently Valoura had a former alliance or some sort with the Arretians and Kadatorii, but seem to have been betrayed by those groups. The Illuminate Vanguard refused to lend aid to the city in fighting off the Arrentian/Kadatorii force assaulting them and responded by wishing an unmourned death and destruction on Valoura and all those that dwelled or defended it.

The Idoaclesian Elder Talberon sent a note to the younger Idoaclesian dreamers settling in Underlight. He advised them that he and the other elders were seeking a new home for them and that they should follow when a Harbinger brought word to them and summoned them with Talberons seal.

Near the end of January, word was received that a group of Underlight dreamers (spokesman was Yuriqali) from the past had met a new organized group of mares that were engaging both the Hota and the Kadatorii in battle. Unaware of the Kadatorii's alliance with the Arretians, Yuriquali led his surviving members to Arret to seek aid. He finished off his note with a warning about the Kadatorii approaching Underlight under the leadership of Agonarius (Please see Bladeslayers account of the Agonarius incident. For reference I have attached a copy Here.

By May, the city of Valoura had fallen to the combined forces of the Arretians and the Kadatorii. The Freesoul Templars fell back at the urging of Kal'lankissa, but the Valouran citizens refused to leave with them and were destroyed nearly to the last. The few survivors joined with a group known as "The Consortium" (Note: this is the first recorded notice of the Consortium). The Realms Watch and Free Soul Templars joined forces at a city known as Furyan. Xun'rok sent a note to Yuriquali advising him of the situation.

In June, it was noted that a group of elders from the Realms Watch had attempted to make diplomatic contact with Arret and had been taken prisoner. The leader of the Arretians has been identified as "Garilus", and reports indicate that the Kadatorii follow Arretian tactical advise to deliver precision attacks against tactically important targets instead of following previously reported all out assault style attacks. Zaxun of the Illuminate Vanguard was invited to join the Realms Watch and Freesoul Templars at Furyan, but refused. Zaxun also believed that the dreamers of Underlight had allied with the Hota and the "Shinarran Filth". The Illuminate Vanguard began to march on the ruins of Shinarr. Zaxun wishing nothing but destruction on Furyan and it's Realms Watch/Free Soul Templar allies. Zaxun further insisted that Xun'rok had turned his back on Zaxun and everything that the groups had built in ages past. His closings words indicate clearing his thoughts: "it is my turn to leave you to face your demise with the little men in that speck of dust they call a 'city'. I would wish you luck but I dare not encourage your continued existence. Die, Freesoul cur."

By mid June, it was noted that the Illuminate Vanguard had joined forces with the Arretian/Kadatorii forces. But that the Warrior Maidens of Shinarr had joined with the Realms Watch/Freesoul Templar/Furyan forces. A potential schism was noted in the Hota forces, and the origins of "The Sirens" or the Yaza's as we know them, were noted to lie within ancient Shinarran history. Further concern about the Consortiums activities, and the inclusion of an Arretian among their ranks within the city of Underlight were also noted.

By August of 2015, Madame Superior Xiarasya (an Idoaclesian elder) was noted to be traveling between cities, presumably gathering information. In late August, a number of Arretian captives were rescued, and one of them... Jasper Margrav... was escorted to Underlight by the Realms Watch guardian known as Tal'shiar to assist with teaching matters and strengthening the city. The city of Furyan continues to stand

So, in summary: There are numerous forces scattered around with interest in our city, but most have consolidated themselves into larger factions of allied forces. Please see my Factions and Cities scroll for more precise summaries of these groups.

~Arnaya, Soulmistress