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These are your projectile weapons. The first color denotes which focus may use the item, and provides a general guideline to the strength and requirements of the chakram. Higher colors (Gold, Azure, Sand and Abyss) generally suggest a more powerful chakram that requires high levels in the focus arts.

The second color shows whether it has a secondary effect or not. If the second color is chalk there is no secondary effect. These are listed below. This talisman is superior to the focus flame arts because of the possibility of secondary effects and the lack of any evoke time, meaning they may be used on the move.

Only Chakrams of Gold, Night, Sand, and Abyss can have a second effect. They are noted below by an asterisk (*) and the 2nd colors with corresponding effects are listed below.



Focus Color Effect
Gatekeeper Blood
Gold *
Dreamseer Teal
Night *
Soulmaster Plum
Sand *
Fatesender Tan
Abyss *



2nd Color Effect
Chalk none
Night Deafen
Azure Stagger
Plum Scare
Berry Poison
Sand Curse
Beige Blind
Tan Paralyze
Earth Bleed