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A collection of dreamers that has formed an organised hierarchy. All members of the house typically hold a single set of values and beliefs that contrasts with those of other houses. A set of rules is often established as well. Failure to adhere to these will usually end in the member being demoted out of the house.

All houses have a crest and a stronghold, eight of which exist in the city, in varying states of occupation. This differentiates them from other, smaller dreamer groups that have not yet acquired a stronghold, or do not intend to.

Joining a house is optional for any dreamer, but may provide a series of benefits, such as access to house teachers. Houses also organize various events. In the past, houses have had weekly meetings, and may have held recreational gatherings. Wars between houses are not uncommon though, and in these times a house will call upon its members to assist in whatever way they can. Houses also frequently come under attack from Datoken and Darkmares.

The house hierarchy consists of three levels. Initiate, Guardian, and Ruler.


Houses in the past have been based around the protection of a Prime Artifact. Destruction of this artifact meant closure of the house. The eight of them had been divided on how best to deal with mare essences; a decision based on the beliefs of the house with regards to the nature of the dream, whether it be Illuminated or Freesoul, Opensoul, or some combination thereof.

The Great Houses

Shades of Truth Era Houses

Clash of Dreams Era Houses