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To use an art, select it, then press Ctrl. When you use an art, it temporarily drains one of your elements. Elemental force will be recovered slowly over time, and recover faster if you rest by standing still. Recovery is always concentrated on a particular element. You can select the recovery element by using the mouse to select the circle to the left of the element.

You must stand still while using arts.

When you start the game, you begin with a limited number of arts. Seek out a teacher to learn more arts.

Art Advancement

Level of an Art is known as a Plateau. Like Orbits and XP, you do not automatically attain a Plateau just because you are ready. You must seek out a Teacher powerful enough to Plateau you, and fulfill the requests by that Teacher to qualify for the Plateau. These include missions, quests, duties or other requests. For more information on advancement, please visit the Teacher's and Dreamer's Manuals.

Starting Arts

  • Meditation - Use this art to regain elemental force (Willpower, Insight, Resilience, Lucidity or DreamSoul) at a faster rate. You must be standing still to Meditate.
  • Trail - When you use this art, you drop glowing crystals behind you at set intervals. In this way, you can mark a trail for yourself in case you become lost. Only you can see these gems, and you lose your trail if you pass between levels. Evoke Trail a second time to stop dropping crystals.
  • Locate Dreamer - Use this art to find other players in the Dream City. The closer you are to a player, the more accurately you will be able to judge their location.
  • Know - This art will tell you the room and level you are currently in.
  • Join Party - This art is used to keep a group together. Everyone in a party can hear the other speak, even if they are in another room. Party members can also whisper to each other across rooms. Party members will automatically leave the Party if they cross to another plane.
  • Give - Use this art to give an item to another player.
  • Random - This art will draw a random number from the Chaos. Use it for gambling, non-violent dueling, whatever you wish.
  • Sense Dreamers - Use this Art to find the most populated planes at the moment. Combined with Know this is a helpful tool in your search for other dreamers.
  • Show Talisman - Using this Art allows you to display an item to another dreamer without giving it to them.
  • Drain Essence - Use this Art on a nightmare essence you hold to strengthen your avatars Dreamsoul. (Player Mares may use this Art on any essence collected.)
  • Focus Blade Art - This will be called by a different name based on your Focus choice: Gatesmasher(GateKeeper), Soulreaper(SoulMaster), Fateslayer(FateSender), Dreamblade(DreamSeer). When you use this art, a temporary weapon manifests in your inventory. You cannot give this weapon away. If you drop it, it disappears. Use this to deal damage to others. To use the newly created blade you must make sure you have it selected in the Items menu.
  • Focus Art - This will be the same name as your Focus choice. This Art is automatically utilized in all Arts evoked.