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The Darkness: an ancient being of immense strength, the "god" of the Coven of the Echt. According to legend, it is able to easily destroy the City.



Nearly beaten back, the Coven needed to resort to their final weapon: The Darkness itself. Only by releasing The Darkness was the Coven able to defeat Bashir. While they did so easily and immediately, this victory came at a great cost. The legend I heard states that upon the release of The Darkness, a wave of blackness instantly spread over the City, obliterating all living things (dreamer and mare alike), destroying portals, and collapsing the Gates of the City. This was a catastrophe that rendered Idoaclesia "dead" for many centuries. Only a few protected Coven members survived along with the immortal Echten Knights and the Yissen. With Bashir defeated and returned to the Palisade, the Yissen were bound to guard Bashir specifically for all eternity. *I don't know how or why, but somehow The Darkness returned to wherever it "lives" after this event.

UPDATE: The Darkness has returned to Underlight. The battle begins....

The Darkness: The Beginning and End

by Sadara

One piece of the city's history that is ever so important, is the capture of The Darkness. This recount will be from my point of view, so I might miss somethings in the story however I will start at the beginning of how this all started.

While in Thresh with several Dreamers around, an eye appeared in the middle of the room, looking around. Now from my experience I thought it was one of the dear Lowborn that uses eyes to scout. However this eye... didn't go away so quickly. And it held a very interesting aura around itself that made one spin in horrible dizziness. An art called Chaos Vortex that was the Darkness's signature art in the coming months. Within a few moments a Revenant (dreamer) appeared in the middle of the room. It said.. nothing. Just stood their in the middle of the room as us Dreamers tried communicating, tried giving things to it, and began running around with curiosity and overall excitement at the site of a Revenant (dreamer). After several minutes of the being standing there it dissipated, and even more questions rang around the room of us Dreamers. The eye that first appeared also dissipated right after. Within the next couple of days, we learned about the Yissen, via whispers confusing whispers from the Darkness. To save or to kill her.

The Revenant (dreamer) that appeared, was the soul of a Yissen, Alina Sedros, the first Yissen to be created, a Dreamer who was given immortality. She was coming free from the Darkness's control to warn us about the Darkness, an entity that wishes to destroy; about the Coven of Echt a group of three Dark Dreamers who summoned The Darkness and commit atrocities; and their army the Echten an army of Dreamers who were corrupted by the Darkness and turned into powerful Darkmares by the Coven. Her pleas were in regards to other Yissen who were in captivity within the Lower Palisades, a plane that had yet to arrive within the city. Alina spoke of how many times shes done this, how the timeline within this city was different. Eons and Eons of the same plight, in each timeline she did something different. Alina sided with the Darkness or helped the Dreamers, however each timeline ended the same way. The reset of the city by the Coven of the Echt. This timeline was different however, she told us that this was the first time she was turned into a Revenant (dreamer) by The Darkness.

With such a high toll on the line, we did what we could. Battle after battle with the Echten Army, the Guard, the Knight, the Medic, the Squire, the Trooper, and one that I cant seem to remember. I was confronted by the Echten and the Darkness themselves this one evening within the Chasm of Souls. They asked for her return, Alina, if she was not returned the city would be reset. The reasoning for The Darkness to ask for her return, was to place her upon the Throne within the Lower Palisades to fully corrupt her and imbue her with the power to destroy the entire city. Instead... we sided with Alina, and helped her to regain herself fully. Within the journey we met the Yissen. Vivian Fraine, Elysea Fraine, Thea Bloom, and Harmon Sedros.

Keep in mind the name Harmon Sedros.

Within several months the Lower Palisades arrived from the Dreamscape into the City. And it was our chance to rescue the Yissen imprisoned and bring an end to the Darkness, and defeat the Coven of the Echt. Once within the Lower Palisades however, we also met many prisoners within. Rouge Wraith, Dr Grave, Grimleigh, Stephen, and Bloody Teeth. The months after were led by sorrows, victories, and stories. From the Darkness once again invading Alina's mind, who was still the Revenant at that point, and striking Eldrck Venym. Turning him into an Echten. The Echten General. The Darkness's attack on the Harrow Glades, setting it ablaze.

During all this happening, my guild, The Coven of Amaranthine merged with The Chosen. We became the Temple of Abundant Soul. Our Ruler at the time, Magnilia, came up with an idea. Alina spoke of how the Throne worked, once someone sat upon the throne, they gained not only powerful abilities powerful enough to destroy The Darkness they also ruled over the entirety of the Lower Palisades. However the throne also amplified ones weaknesses. Alina's strength and weakness, was raw power. Her strength, and desire for more power. She refused to sit upon the throne, in fear that the Darkness would fully corrupt her once again. So Magnilia came with the idea of creating the Crown of Parity, a crown that gave the wearer the same power as the Throne would without the side effects.

So as a new house, we began working on the Crown together. Alina at this point was slowly separating from the Darkness's control and became herself once again. She opened The Protectors of the Radiance, a house she said was in the Dream a long time ago, when the Yissen roamed the Dream freely. A house of the Yissen.

The Crown was finally complete however, and we were contemplating on who to give the crown to. Around this time, Mandus, my husband, had befriended a Kotoken. Ssun-Kith. The Darkness had taken Ssun, and Mandus was planning to get him back. Now my husband I knew would do this successfully as before The Darkness also captured and took Us. An Egregore that Mandus was in constant contact with and grew a strong bond with. He devised a plan months before to raid the Palisade, dressed in Echten garbs, to sneak into the Palisades without detection. We were successful in the raid and got Us back to the Temple safely. So when I sensed him within the Lower Palisades along with Ssun, I knew that he was rescuing Ssun. However once I arrived into the Lower Palisades, there was a prisoner chained next to Ssun.

Prisoner 442.

Since Mandus was busy with Ssun, I decided to free the Prisoner. A slow escort through the Lower Palisades later, we arrived on-top Illaspe. Mandus at this point went to help Magnilia finish up the Crown, and I stayed to tend to the Prisoner. He asked me to help take off his bandages and underneath was a skeleton. Bloody Teeth. He was the perfect candidate for the Crown. So, once the Crown was finished, and he gained his glaive once again, the day came for the opening of the Throne Room in the Lower Palisades. The Crown was placed on his head, and the throne room opened.. the Echten came and tried to stop us. They were easily overthrown by Bloody. However the next step needed to happen, and that was the defeat of The Darkness.

Purple Lace who was in the Radiance at this time, had came up with an idea of capturing the Darkness within her Guild's Vault the Kabal within the Lost Caves. We aided in such and were successful. In the process however, the Darkness rampaged against the Yissen who were there slaying Vivian, Elysea, and Thea. Harmon showed his true colors however and used his own sister as a shield against the Darkness, having Alina Sedros get hurt by the Darkness in his stead. Harmon was in fact sided with the Darkness, or Coven... something that we still don't know yet. Bloody Teeth was there and destroyed the Dark Altar within the Lower Palisades, setting free the souls that The Darkness with held. Weakening its power. He placed the Crown of Parity on top of the altar sealing it.

Later however, the Echten Guard who was still around at the time released the Crown from the Altar... in some manner we still don't know how. Mandus created a blade to destroy the Echten Guard and did so. However the Echten Guard's soul returned back to the Lower Palisades where it is now. And has formed its own egregore.

The Darkness however is captured finally and under proper watch by the Radiance and Purple Lace.

This account that I have just spoke of doesn't go in all the details as somethings I dont recall to mind at the moment. If anyone has more details of what happened, I would love to hear more. -{S}

The Matronette

Protector of the Conclave

The Restorator

The Final Stand Part 1 - Harrow Glades

by Aileron

This is going to be a very long read most likely. It is an account of what I saw and experienced during the cities final push against The Darkness. It will be broken down into three separate parts Harrow Glades, Lost Caves, And finally Lower Palisades.

On the 13th of the 7th month, many in the city gathered in the Garrison of Umbric. Among us that gathered were the Yissen Alina Sedros, Elysea Fraine, Vivian Fraine, Harmon Sedros, and Thea Bloom. The gathering started with discussing the plan, which was to go to Harrow Glades where the darkness had been taking over and draw it out using the dreamers as bait. While it was distracted, we would attempt to contain the energy of the darkness using "Gutted chaos wells stuffed with Radiant Blaze and cloaked in Shadow Step." As described by Tamarisk who had created 5 them. From there we would draw the darkness to Lost Caves. Lace explained "The device in the Kabal has a positive energy room, a negative energy room and a neutral one. The flow be specific thru these three. The goal would be... the Cauldron in Teng's Crypt." Where the darkness could then be trapped and contained. Alina also instructed "If we succeed in luring The Darkness matter what happens or who dies...we need to then quickly attack the Altar while it is weakened." During this time we all sensed the darkness beginning to boil around the Palisade, darkening the skies over the Barrows. Everyone in attendance determined that the best side of Harrow to strike from was the Totality side due to the proximity of the sanctuary of Albino. With the plan set, we all gathered ourselves and made our way to Harrow Glades.

When I arrived in Harrow at the Totality exit, Alina and Harmon were already there. Alina said "We'll need to work together tonight. Time to put the past behind us." To which Harmon merely rolled his eyes and retorted "Sure." Not long after everyone was gathered and ready. Lace looked at the group and spoke "Alright, shall we try to get the Darkness' attention?" I offered my assistance in attempting to open one of the closed portals in the room so the darkness would funnel straight to where we wanted it. She agreed and I started on the portal, drawing runic sigils on the four corners of it, each channeling a different element that was funneled to the center core. While I started this, Thea Bloom reached forward and touched the tree in the center of the room. Her eyes rolled back in her head, revealing nothing but the whites in her eyes. Her hand gripped the bark as her lips formed a tight line. As I was beginning my work, the portal exploded with energy. My vision was taken from me for a few moments as was the same with the whole room I believe. I pushed my hand slowly into the center of the portal, attempting to reach it's core at this time. Tamarisk handed out the modified chaos wells to some of the group while Hrrum evoked Drain Self between his claws and held it, the energy modified the energy in the evoke column, trying to reverse the flow of drained energy from the tree to a Chaos Well. Purple Lace took a vial out of her pocket and opened it. The Cuscuta berries bounce actively as she pours the liquid around onto the roots of the tree.

Soon after we all sensed a column of menacing Darkness spiral up out of Lower Palisade, blackness fanned out across the skies. Lace turned to me and asked how things were going. I wrapped my fingers around the core of the portal, the sigils pulsed focal energy from around the portal into the core through my fingertips. I replied to her that it seemed we at least had it's attention. Thea Bloom breathed out something I couldn't hear, her nails scraped down the tree as her eyes roll forward, blinking rapidly. Lace was urging me to make haste with the portal. Alina looked to Thea and said "Thea, tell us if you have any visions of warning. We don't want to be caught off guard here." In that moment the portal exploded once again with dark energies and a wave of poison permeated the room. During this time the Chaos Well, being held by those who they were given to, were being held out in the room. Harmon spoke up and said "We need to distract it while they work." Alina was of the same mind as she said at the same time "We need to bring it here." Harmon glowered at Alina as she stepped forward holding her hands out as she said "Vivian, Harmon, Thea, Elysea. Time to do our part." Vivian nodded to her and Alina reached out to Elysea beside her. Elysea looked Alina hesitantly before reaching for her hand. Harmon grumbled and walked up, taking Vivian's hand.

I wasn't having much luck with the portal, Lace came to my side offering any assistance she could give. Dark energies from Harrow began to accumulate inside the modified wells. Alina smiled to Thea and held out her other hand. Thea took Alina's hand, holding out her other to Harmon who stated "I really don't want to die for her mistake." He however took Thea's hand. I informed Lace that it seemed like the core of the portal was needing more energy. The focal bursts I was doing on my own weren't working and by this time I was starting to get frustrated. Purple Lace held up a finger on her free hand, a firey spark flashed off the nail in a very slight stream. It impacted the portal sending more energy through it. As the five Yissen took each other's hands, a ball of brilliant light began to form in the middle of their circle. Hrrum kept gathering energy into his well. Tamarisk as well, holding it out and capturing some of the dark energy. I was looking about the room while I was attempting to force more energy through the portal forcefully by applying more pressure by way of hitting the portal with my balled fist, energy sparked off the portal. Harmon then suggested "Perhaps if we burn away the energy you all are trapping." Nathan invoked the potency of the Radiance within a nearby SoulWell. Hrrum gasped as that shut the cover of the well. OfF KiLTeR asked "What is the best way we can burn up that energy?"

Radiance filled the skies over Harrow Glades. The Darkness began pouring towards it, heat began building through the forest. Vivain spoke up "Brothers and sisters, do not lose heart." Thea Bloom tightened her hold on Alina's and Harmon's hands. She sucked in a quick breath, flicking a shocked glance over at Harmon. OfF then tried helping me with applying some blend to the surface of the portal to help the energies infuse into it easier. Hrrum stepped inside the the circle of the Radiance and held up the Cloaked Well. The energy from Hrrum's soulwell was instantly burned away by The Radiance and the light grew stronger. I started tracing more resilience over the portal with my palm while Lace joined OfF with applying blend to it. Nathan gave an assuring grip upon Alina's shoulder. Adding his own Radiance to theirs. Harmon looked at Thea briefly, eyes wide. Hrrum dropped the darkend Well as it hissed in his claws. Tamarisk threw his hands high above his head as his soulwell closed tightly. Mandus tossed Tamarisk a vial of dark red liquid, exclaiming "Seal it up!" Lace pressed her against the portal as he continued applying blend, stating "I sense the pressure on the other side... building..." Harmon's voice was hard next, "Burn away the rest of the energy you're trapping. Make it feel pain."

Elysea squeezed Alina's hand tightly as she moved closer into the circle. I shoved my hand fully into the center of the portal once again directing bursts of energy directly into the core, trying to spark it to life. Lace spoke "We've teased the Darkness... but nay lured it yet." Hrrum motioned others into the radiant circle. "Where are the other wells? We cannot maintain this forever." Alina asked. Lace responded, letting them know she had one. She set it by the other in the circle, where it was emptied of its dark energies and immediately burned away. The Radiance started to grow stronger. Tamarisk and Sadara both placed their wells into the circle soon after. A thousand demonic screams were heard across the City, coming from all directions. I finally pulled my hand out of the portal, letting the energies fade away from it. It was apparent that my efforts were in vain, not without lack of trying. The other soulwells were then emptied and burned away. The Radiance grew in intensity, filling Harrow Glades. Vivain's voice came through the screams "Do not lose heart, even in the Darkest of times." "I think we got its attention!" said Lace. Harmon then asked "What do we do now?!" "We let it chase us!" Lace replied. "We wait for it to show up, I suppose. It's going to let us know the next step, I suspect." OfF added. The Darkness then hurled itself towards Harrow Glades, coming down upon it like a meteor of hatred and vile! The impact caused the orb of Radiance to explode violently.

Nathan grasped a number of Radiance Power Tokens in his fist. The light shined brilliantly through his fingertips. The explosion of the orb ripped through the room, shredding through the dreamers there. Thea stumbled back, losing her hold and breaking the connection with Alina and Harmon. "We will clear the Glades of ye foul breath, Darkness!!!!!!" Screamed Lace, as he shook her fist at the sky. It was in that moment that Vivian Fraine was torn apart by the mix of The Darkness and shards of Radiance. Vivian Fraine was destroyed. Many gasped, many stood shocked, Alina's voice rang out "No - wha--" Elysea's mouth opened wide, she screamed out for Vivian. Purple Lace leaned over, and delicately gathered his SoulEssence. Thea Bloom fell back against the tree and scrambled back up to her feet, reaching out to Vivian. "Noo!" Harmon screamed at Alina, "Vivian too?!" Alina looked helplessly at Harmon, "I...I di--" Suddenly Coraal spoke, his voice was firm "Enough, Vivian said "Do not lose heart" Let us finish what we have begun. Squabble amongst yourself later" Hrrum picked up the sizzling Tome that got left in the place where Vivian once stood and hugged it tight to his chest. Elysea's hands began to shake nervously, she continued saying Vivians name over and over. Darkness began swirling around Harrow Glades, lashing out at dreamers. Mandus rushed to Elysea's side and reached out to take her hand before being hurled off by the darkness. Coraal spoke again, "The Darkness comes. Lace, grab the wells and let us move. The energy should still be within" Lace nodded to him. Thea gritted her teeth before simply nodding, "Onward." "Sister, they are right. We cannot let him die for nothing." Alina said. "She's not your sister, you callous bitch." retorted Harmon. "To the Caves... go thru Albino" Directed Lace. Thea looked to Harmon "Enough, Harmon. We must go - now."

The group of dreamers and the Yissen, the pain of one lost already being felt, made their way to Lost Caves.

The Final Stand Part 2 - Lost Caves

by Aileron

After the events in Harrow Glades, everyone raced to Lost Caves in hopes of luring The Darkness there to be sealed. We all met up in South Haven, and this is where our story continues.

Harmon spoke up as everyone was getting settled in the room "This is where we trap it?" Lace once more outlined the general plan "Now we wait for it to try and grab another of us. Then the flow will work, This be outward as positive. The other be a neutral flow outward, and the third flows inward to the Cauldron." Alina stepped up "Where should we be?" Purple Lace leaned down and made adjustments on the star in the center of the Dreamsoul pad as she answered "around the center." Darkness then poured into the room wildly, my vision was darkened once again. The room erupted around us, avatars being burned. "Dun let them get taken." Lace told the group. I commented that I couldn't even see where they were. Soon after my vision returned to me and as it did, Nathan's exclamation took the words from me "Eyeballs!" Eyeballs were everywhere in the room, staring at each dreamer and Yissen. I looked over to Hrrum and asked "do you want to try another barrier?" He nodded to me. The darkness began lashing out at Alina, many of us focused our restorative abilities on her. Nathan unsheathed his blade and aggressively stabbed at an eyeball. The room once again erupted around us. Hrrum moved closer to the center edge of the pad and extended his pedipalps in each side. I ducked under some eyes, sliding across the pad to position myself opposite of where Hrrum had placed himself.

Lace spoke out to Alina "The pad, Alina, tis a dreamsoul pad. We outsmart the Darkness, let them TRY to take ye now!" She stomped her foot angrily on the step while OfF was stabbing at an eye with a blade. Darkness began flooding over Alina. A constant barrage of black, deadly energies assaulted her. Nathan continuously cut at an eye with his blade. Hrrum's claws started to shimmer with emerald columns, sending beams of resilience toward the dreamers on his left and right. "Grab onto her!" Shouted Lace while Mandus popped the cork on a vial of blood-red fluid and poured it over the edge of his blade. Nathan grasped onto Alina. I clutched the talisman hanging from my neck to my chest. I traced runic sigils onto the pad, pressed my hand against them and a flash of resilient energy met up with Hrrum's. Mandus stepped forward and gritted his teeth, holding the blade high above Nathan and Alina as it dripped purified resilience. The Darkness stuck out again, a near wall of solid black energy slammed into Alina. I directed Sadara to join my and Hrrum's efforts building the barrier of resilience around the pad. Suddenly my body was thrown into a spin, I stumbled slightly down the stairs. Coraal nodded at Lace, then reached out to touch Alina. With his other hand, he touched his crest and attempted to call upon the Shadow to cloak Alina, to prevent the Darkness from perceiving her. Sadara sighed gently and began coursing a plum aura around her right arm and extended a stream toward Hrrum and I.

As this was happening, Bloody Teeth entered the room. I caught myself on a step and pushed myself back upright and refocused myself on the barrier with Hrrum and Sadara. Purple Lace growled low, while Sadara spoke to Bloody ""Well surprising to see you. What happened to you! You have me worried!" Alina looked around the room "Clearly, it's here, what next?!" Coraal continued to softly chant, channeling the Shadow around Alina. Alina looked over to Bloody Teeth "You need to help them trap The Darkness when it attacks again." "We need to lure it to the Cauldron." Lace said. Thea nodded to Purple Lace and slipped out of the room. Harmon's voice was heard next "It will follow Alina. Throw her in the cauldron and it will jump in willingly." "Keep it busy and dun let it eat her yet." Lace instructed as she ran out of the room. Bloody finally spoke "Protect the Yissen, eh? An odd state of affairs." Mandus growled and looked at the eyes with his soaked blade, "Well, lets distract it shall we?" Sadara was next to Bloody and asked him "Can you do it for me?" His response a simple "I will." Just then another insurmountable wave of Darkness crushed into the room from all sides, smashing into Alina. Once again I was hurled into a spin about the room. Coraal crushed a Power Token in his hand and redoubles his channeling of the Shadow around Alina. A Razorwind suddenly tore through the room and converged upon where Alina was standing. The room was suddenly a cacophony of screams of dreamers. I held my hand out to Alina, pulling into the dreamsoul of my own avatar, I directed it towards her to strengthen her.

Lace had returned and started showering Alina with vision. Mandus coughed loudly and cupped his hand over a gaping wound. Myself and others as well were taking cuts along their avatars from the winds assault. Suddenly a fear rocked through the room, dreamer's legs carried them crashing into each other and the walls. Thea had reentered the room and Lace yelled to her "Be the portal ready?" Thea shouted back "Yes, the portal is ready!" "This way... Alina... come this way!" Lace instructed. Soon after Corral's voice was heard "Alina, go. Quickly" Elysea also spoke out "Yes ok!" Everyone followed out the portal and made their way into the Kabal, to a room with a cauldron in the center and a myriad of artifacts, essences and codexes set about. In the center of the room near the portal a dreamer stood, smiling wickedly. Nathan shouted "It's the....Revenant!" I stopped, wiping blood from my face from the cuts and looked over to him. Darkness suddenly encapsulated Alina. Revenant spoke quietly "You got so close." Suddenly the room exploded into chak fire as Revenant (dreamer) lashed out at everyone in the room. Dreamer's were dodging in and out of fire. Thea collapsed admit the grunts and screams of pain from the attacks of Revenant. Each time I was hit, I would stumble and spin in place, causing momentary confusion. Elysea was the next to collapse as she was screaming "Stop this!" Sadara collapsed by friendly fire from Bloody Teeth, as well as OfF not long after.

I was collapsed next by Revenant, losing sight on them from being once again spun wildly at a wall. Sadara fell once again, this time to Revenant. I was restored by Coraal and prepared myself for more combat. Suddenly Revenant collapsed, I couldn't see by who. We went about restoring the fallen and collecting ourselves. Dark energies began to form inside the Revenant's soulsphere. Bloody called out to the room "Stay on yer guard! Warriors among us, be ready!" Mandus growled and held his blade forward. Purple Lace stood against the cauldron and swirled down waves and waves of energy into it. Darkness began to pour out of the Revenant. Lace pointed to a Sphere on the ledge of the cauldron speaking "That, may be a lock we can use to lock this energy up with." A whisper assaulted my ears in that moment "FLEE!" Alina countered the whisper as she shouted "DON'T FLEE!" Mandus growled loudly, "No more running damn it!" "Finish it, Lace" Corral said. Suddenly a burst of burning energy erupted into through the room. Alina looked beside her to Elysea, Harmon, and Thea before speaking, "I'm sorry." Lace nodded to Coraal and stuck both arms into the Cauldron, pulling out globs of dark, oily substance all over her. she slung it around wildly. Mandus wrinkled his nose at Alina, "Don't do anything stupid. We've come this far." We suddenly sensed Darkness boil out of Lower Palisade at an alarming rate, flying towards Lost Caves. The Darkness from within the Revenant flew upwards to meet the descending energy from the Palisade.

Tamarisk asked "What do you need me to do Lace?" "I need help gathering the Darkness into the Cauldron." said Lace. "I need that lock opened. The Sphere here on the ledge" Elysea's head jerked from one side to the other, her eyes widened. "I need a few to help funnel this energy into this vat." continued Lace. "Got it" I replied to her. Thea looked over at Alina, her voice lowered as she whispered softly. "Don't stand around, help her!" Bloody urged. Mandus jumped up near the cauldron with the rest of us with a curse. The Darkness exploded as the two streams connected, lashing out at all nearby. Once again the sounds of pain being inflicted on those in the room was echoed through. Purple Lace growled and grabbed wildly at dark shadows and threw them visibly into the cauldron. Nathan shifted his stance, giving healing energies to the dreamers in the room. Tamarisk raised his arms in the air and sent a shadow funnel up to collect some of the Darkness. He spoke softly, "Embrace the Shadow". I unbuttoned the cuffs of my undershirt and pulled up the sleeves to my elbows. I bit down on each of my wrists, blood poured off them, dripping onto the floor. The blood turned into a funnel of resilience which directed the energy into the cauldron. Mandus evoked channel and nodded to Lace, "I'll force it to you, you put it in, yeah?"

"The Sphere there be a cryptex." explained Lace hurriedly "There be a word, which must be spoken...look at it, please" In that moment The Darkness sliced into Elysea Fraine and destroyed her. Nathan gasped "Not again!" The Darkness then decapitated Thea Bloom, destroying her. Nathan's voice once again was heard "Thea!!!!!" Coraal grabbed the cryptex and began to turn the rings, trying to align the symbols "How are we to know the word, Lace?" "I know only one word to use." She replied before whispering to him quickly. Bloody barricaded the portal leading out of the room, "Keep the Darkness contained, and concentrated!" The Darkness arced towards Harmon, who then jumped behind Alina. Alina suddenly was torn apart with Harmon speaking coldly "You should have killed her when you could." Coraal aligned the symbols, his hand shrouded in Shadow, as he spoke the word, "Balance". All eyes cut to Harmon, witnessing what he did. Sadara closed her eyes as she began to levitate, a plum aura surrounded her. She sent out a cone of resilience cupping the dark energies toward the cauldron. She closed her eyes as tears began to fall down her cheeks. Corral's teeth barred at Harmon, "Murderer". Harmon removed his crest and joined The Darkness in a cloud of black smoke. Lace yelled over to Nathan "We need the Radiance!" "He was an emissary of darkness, after all! Stephen was right." Nathan said. I looked at the dreamers, "We cant stop now...focus!"

Suddenly, with Harmon joining The Darkness, it lashed out once again vigorously. "Aye, stay focused!" Bloody yelled as the room erupted once more into flames. As we were dealing with the cascades of darkness directed at us, our balance was once again thrown askew. "We will have to seal this off!" Lace exclaimed. The Darkness began striking out at Bloody Teeth. Mandus stumbled off the pedestal and formed his hands into a channel. Coraal spoke towards the Cauldron, his voice echoed in the chamber, "I call upon the Shadow to aid us in bringing Balance! Let the Darkness be contained" Nathan invoked the radiance, directing it's energy towards Bloody Teeth in a protective field. The Darkness began to be drawn into the Cauldron, but it continued attacking violently, it was straining to get free. Another burst of burning energy engulfed everyone. Bloody Teeth struck at The Darkness in return with its glaive. "The Crown, seal it off with Crown?" Hrrum asked. Mandus growled but kept his channel intact. Lace looked faint, and on the cusp of passing out. Coraal raised his Shadow covered hands. He grasped the Darkness with the Shadows and tried to draw it down into the Cauldron as swiftly as possible. Bloody Teeth placed a skeletal hand upon the crown and held it's glaive towards the cauldron. Suddenly darkness tried to surge out of the cauldron, tossing dreamers backwards. "Your not taking him! Bloody the Crown!" Sadara yelled. I was flung against the back wall, sliding down slightly but catching myself and moving back to the cauldron. "Contain it!" Yelled Bloody. "Use the Crown!" exclaimed Lace.

Mandus nodded to Bloody and held the channel firmly as he could, drawing the energies downward. Coraal growled, holding the Darkness as tightly as he could. His hands formed fists to channel the Shadow. "Melt it o'er top of the Cauldron!" Lace directed to Bloody. Bloody Teeth stumbled back away, Sadara grabbing onto his shoulders. I held out a hand to Lace and Coraal, the blood drawing upon my own strength, directing it into them. Coraal reached out a hand to touch Tam's shoulder, then pushed even harder with the Shadow. Hrrum locked the circle sending his energies to Lace and Tamarisk. Lace took my hand and began to form a seal over the cauldron. A flame sparked onto the rim of the cauldron, taking up about half of the circle. Mandus leaned forward, his teeth gritting. He forced the cone downward, and held it against the rim of the cauldron. Bloody Teeth held its glaive towards the cauldron and channeled the strength of the Crown. Sadara sent her energies toward the rim of the cauldron, joining it with the others. The Darkness erupted in fury, slamming into Bloody Teeth. Bloody collapsed, Sadara screaming "No!" I kept my stream of energy surging from myself into Lace and Corral. "Bloody, melt it on top to make a shield." Hrrum said as Bloody was restored to coherence. OfF KiLTeR fanned the blaze with tempest. Mandus shook his head violently, bits of blood flying from various cuts as he looked to Bloody.

Tamarisk focused his blast on the base of the flames to help heat things up. Sadara grabbed Bloody's shoulder forcefully and stood in a defensive position as she continued to channel energy toward the cauldron. Purple Lace shuddered and looked around, beads of sweat dropped from her forehead onto the cauldron. Coraal continued to channel the Shadow and hissed, "Hurry and bind the damn thing." Lightning crackled from down the Crown through Bloody Teeth, and outward from the glaive towards the cauldron. As it began to be trapped inside the Cauldron, The Darkness suddenly severed itself, a tiny fragment remaining while the rest of it receded back to the Palisade. The fragment of The Darkness became sealed inside the Cauldron as the Crown bound it fully. Bloody Teeth howled in pain. Mandus growled loudly, watching the darkness escape. He forced more energy into the channel, his blood mixing in with it, "Get back here you piece of shit!" he yelled. Darkness receded from across the City, pulling back to the Lower Palisade. Sadara looked at Bloody and grabbed both of his shoulders, channeling energy into him, "Bloody its ok..." Coraal dropped his fists, leaning to pant heavily as he released the energy of Shadow he was channeling. The Lower Palisade rumbled in fury. Human screams of torture and death rang out all at once. The room was rocked, the ground shook underneath us, making us lose our footing. Hrrum oofed as he plopped down. Lace covered her ears and looked around, disoriented. Mandus collapsed against the stairs, panting heavily. Blood and sweat pouring over his figure.

Nathan covered his ears as he trembled at the terrifying symphony of screams. I tried to catch myself but stumbled and slammed into the ground hard. The side of my head smacked off the hard stone, and instantly I could feel the blood start to soak into my hair. Hrrum looked towards Bloody Teeth "The Altar, we can let it to regain strength." "I know those screams. Those are prisoners." Bloody responded. Sadara looked down and then to Bloody, "What do you mean?" "Altar needs to be destroyed" Hrrum answered. "That it does." Bloody responded.

We collected ourselves for a few moments, taking in everything that had happened. Sadara sensed Alina in the Lower Palisades and we all steeled ourselves. We knew what had to be done next. The darkness was pushed back, but destroyed, not yet. One last fight remained, and the Yissen were not there to lend any aid. We all had them in our thoughts as we walked through that portal, bloody, beaten, but not defeated.

The Final Stand Part 3 - Lower Palisades

by Aileron

With most of the Yissen destroyed and The Darkness pushed back to the Lower Palisades. The dreamers and Bloody Teeth had one more task ahead of them, destroy the altar in the Dark Shrine.

Sadara and myself were the first two to reach the Lower Palisades. As we entered the Dark Shrine we found Alina's SoulSphere trapped on the center altar. We tried to make contact with Alina but there was no response from her. Soon after the others began to arrive, fanning out around the altar. "Don't get near it." Bloody Teeth said, speaking about the altar. I looked over to Bloody "what do we do?" Mandus slammed his hand into the ground with a Lucid beacon, shouted loudly, "Us! Save these souls!" Bloody spoke up once again "Ye remember the other night ago?" We all nodded as he continued, "This altar binds those imprisoned souls." Sadara interjected "It seemed though that it was hurting you. Will you be destroyed... if you destroy the Altar?" Bloody answered with a simple "I don't know." Suddenly on the altar Alina attempted to regain form. Her avatar regained coherence only for the slightest of moments before collapsing once again into a soulsphere state. "We need to pull her off that." I said as I turned to Hrrum. Hrrum was already holding out the end of a webbed thread towards Alina. I took the essence that was left after Alina collapsed as I heard Bloody say, "Ye brought a web with ye? That's smart." I handed the essence to Hrrum and said "Use that to direct a vampiric draw of her soulsphere. See if it can help pull her off." Sadara looked to Bloody again with a worried expression. "Well, then... if you are... it was an honor to know you Bloody." She said. "I'm not dead yet." He replied. Mandus clenched his jaw and spoke through gritted teeth to Bloody, "Do what you must, but try to come back to us, damn it."

Hrrum started throwing the web around his head in circles, building a lasso. The Darkness flooded into the Shrine, converging on Alina's soulsphere, and started feeding off of it. Hrrum cringed as the lasso started to shimmer with emerald, sparking violently against the ceiling. "We may need to sacrifice this Yissen, to do so." Bloody stated, speaking of destroying the altar. "What? No we can try something else!" Sadara exclaimed. "There might be another way. I need your help, Bloody, if this does not work " Coraal responded. "I will try to tie it to her and everyone should pull." Hrrum said, indicating his lasso. I let out a tired breath as i moved next to Hrrum. I placed a hand on the web, infusing it with resilience from the blood still pouring from my wrist. Sudden A young boy, cowled in a black floor-length robe appeared in one corner of the Shrine. "block the child!" I yelled. Nathan held a blade to the boy's neck saying "Take one step, kid and it'll be your last." An old woman, bent over, face obscured, appeared suddenly in another corner. Mandus growled at figures stating "That's the bloody coven." OfF KiLTeR tried to hold them in place with Hypnotic Weave. "Each! Restrain those foes!" Bloody shouted. Hrrum threw the lasso end and wrapped it around Alina's soulsphere. A gorgeous woman appeared in another corner. Her eyes were bleeding. Nathan grasped the child, pulling him off the ground with the blade against his neck. OfF attempted to freeze them in place as they appear. Mandus rushed to the corner with the younger woman and drew a blade to her. Hrrum pulled the webbing thread towards him.

I gripped tighter to the web, pulling with Hrrum as resilience pulsed from my fingertips through the webbing. Mandus shouted "The Yissen may die the second The Darkness is destroyed. If this is the only way, then so bloody be it!" Sadara sent strings of resilience from her finger tips onto Alina's soulsphere, pulling back. Uthanatos placed his hand on the floor, a web of sizzling resilience ran outward, snaking toward the figures in the corners of the room. A man appeared, imposing and ageless with a calm fury about him. He began to walk towards the Altar. OfF KiLTeR turned quickly to the man and flashed a weave at him. The man evaded all attempts to stop him. He continued a death march to the Altar. Nathan pulled out a chak, shooting it at the man. Alina once again regained coherence, as she did she shouted "End it now!", before she once again lost coherence. "Destroy the Altar" Coraal directed as Hrrum, Sadara and myself continued pulling on the threads wrapped around Alina, muscles tensed and straining against the force keeping her there. Mandus backed up to the altar and looked over his shoulder, "Alina... I know you a hero this time... Thank you..." he said to her. Uthanatos closed his eyes, the streams of resilience rose up in the form of serpents in front of the figures before they struck out to coil around them. Bloody Teeth placed one hand on the crown, and held its glaive towards the altar. The Darkness wrapped itself around the man. He began to ascend the stairs as a whisper assaulted my ears saying "NOW". Energy crackled down from the Crown through Bloody Teeth, and started to scatter across the surface of the Altar. OfF and Lace kept assaulting the figures with Hypnotic Weaves, trying to hold them back.

The Darkness began exploding in fierce waves as the energy of the Crown attacked the altar. The room suddenly was alight with dark energy, assaulting everyone in the room over and over again. Sadara collapsed as a wave slammed directly into her avatar. I traced a runic sigil into the webbing. Flashing sparks of divine energy ripped through the web as I gave one last, straining pull, screaming from the pain in my body and muscles. Coraal closed his eyes with a heavy sigh, then opened them and extended his hands to send surges of energy to Bloody. Nathan infused his blade with the radiance and stabbed the the altar with it. The man stood in front of the Altar. The other three hooded figures materialized beside him. Bloody Teeth stepped onto the altar and attempted to pierce it with its glaive. Purple Lace and OfF attempted to cast the figures off the altar. Uthanatos clawed his fingers against the stone, causing the resilient serpents to strike the figures. The altar suddenly ruptured, sending out a power wave of energy that pushed everyone back. Lace shielded her face as she staggered back. Hrrum and myself both let go of the webbing as he stumbled back, almost falling off the platform. Alina was forced off the Altar, regained coherence and lent all of her power to Bloody Teeth. The Altar cracked and Darkness began to explode in death throes. Once again the room was ripped through with destructive burning. Bloody Teeth howled loudly in pain. Lace tired to redirect the destructive fire to the altar. Nathan tried cleansing the residual Darkness among the room with radiance while yelling "Die Darkness filth!"

Alina spoke out "Place the Crown on the Altar, Bloody." Uthanatos dropped to his knees, holding the streams of resilience which began to flicker. The four hooded figures began to reach out to the Altar slowly, as if suspended in time. "They're resetting it now, hurry!" Alina screamed. Bloody removed the crown from its skull and placed it on the altar. Every dreamer in that room was staring at the altar, Bloody, and Alina as the entirety of Lower Palisade exploded with energy. I was thrown from a dreamstate to my waking body. I bolted upright in my bed for a few moments, my eyes adjusting to the moonlight pouring through my window. I turned over and closed my eyes, once again attaining a connection to the dreamstate. I darted to the Mt and started my ascent. As I passed the familiar rocks and terrain I saw untold numbers of souls begin to float up free from the Palisade. Tiny, bright lights fleeing into the Dreamscape. I kept running, getting close to the portal to the Lower Palisades. In the distance I could see the darkness lift from Harrow Glades. I made my way to the center hall of the Lower. Mandus and Bloody Teeth the only two there at the time. Bloody Teeth appeared in a smoking smoldering frame. Mandus and myself both went over to support Bloody. "Told ye I was stubborn." He said. Not long after the other dreamers who were there came into the room. "Alina?" I asked Bloody, who replied "Haven't seen her. Was she with ye?" None of us had seen her, nor sensed her.

There was some mild conversation before Sadara said "Well that or... we have been reset?" Bloody looked to her and replied "I think if yer able to ask that question, there's not been a reset. The lot of ye have done well, step inside and see for yourself." We entered the Dark Shrine once again, the altar no longer caused any harm to the avatar. The crown permanently fused to the altar itself. Some more conversation between the dreamers in the room continued, relief being shared, congratulations going around the room. Everyone eventually parted their own ways, some to celebrate, some to contemplate what was lost in order for others to continue dreaming.

One of the reasons I wanted to write these summaries was to show the future what we can do if we work together. To remember the sacrifices that bond our dreams together. We dream for more then ourselves, we dream for each other and we feel the impact of when those around us are lost. Remember these moments, remember the victories, remember the defeats, remember these feelings. Remember each other...We are what makes the city.


Bloody Teeth and Alina tried to sealed off the Dark Altar the first time.

Hooded figures suddenly appear from far off in the blackness of the room, one at each corner.

The hooded figures walk further into the room, down the flowing black ooze, towards the Altar.

Uthanatos: Yissen, what are they?

Mandus winces and shakes his head a few times, casting bits of black ooze off his form, "Neki Mrul.."

Alina Sedros: I hope just a vision of the Coven.

The hooded figures seem to melt into the blackness and the Altar begins to radiate violently! ...

A small boy, cowled in a black hood, rushes in from a corner of the room, jumps on the Altar and stabs Bloody Teeth!

The boy turns, lunges at Alina Sedros and stabs a ghostly dagger in her also!

The boy wraps Alina Sedros' soulsphere in his cloak and they both disappear.


The second attempt after the Darkness was weakened.

A young boy, cowled in a black floor-length robe appears in one corner of the Shrine.


An old woman, bent over, face obscured, appears in another corner.

A gorgeous woman appears in another corner. Her eyes are bleeding.

A man appears. Imposing. Ageless. A calm fury. He begins to walk towards the Altar.

The man evades all attempts to stop him. He continues a death march to the Altar.

The Darkness wraps itself around the man. He begins to ascend the stairs.


Energy crackles down from the Crown through Bloody Teeth, and starts to scatter across the surface of the Altar

Nathan fights the darkness with a potent cast of radiant blaze!

You gaze in awe at OfF KiLTeR's weave, but may still act freely!

You stare at Purple Lace's dazzling weave and are hypnotized by it!

Argh! You can't move!

The Darkness begins exploding in fierce waves as the energy of the Crown attacks the Altar!


The man stands in front of the Altar. The other three hooded figures materialize beside him.

>Bloody Teeth steps onto the altar and attempts to pierce it with its glaive

The Altar ruptures!!

>Alina Sedros is forced off the Altar, regains coherence and lends all of her power to Bloody Teeth!

The Altar cracks and Darkness begins to explode in death throes!


The four hooded figures begin to reach out to the Altar...slowly, as if suspended in time...

Alina Sedros: They're resetting it now - hurry!

>Bloody Teeth removes the crown from its skull and places it on the altar.

The entirety of Lower Palisade explodes with energy!