Amazing Places in the Dream City of Underlight

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Description Room Name Plane Picture Picture
=============== =============== =============== ======================================= =======================================
Princess Rivin's Garden Rivin's Garden Higher Lambent Flats Rivin.jpg Rivin2.jpg
Apparatus Pedantical Laboratory Lost Caves Pedantical.jpg Pedantical1.jpg
Flask and Chak Lounge The Flask and Chak Middle Basin of Stars FlaskChak.jpg FlaskChak4.jpg
Crystal Maze The Crystal Maze The Conclave CrystalMaze.jpg CrystalMaze3.jpg
Queen's Throne The Queen's Throne Lower Palisade QueenThrone.jpg QueenThrone1.jpg
Hidden Ballroom Hidden Ballroom Threshold Pits Hidden.jpg Hidden4.jpg
Ancient Temple Ancient Temple Lost Sea Ancienttemple.jpg Ancienttemple5.jpg
Dark Shrine The Dark Shrine Lower Palisade DarkShrine1.jpg DarkShrine5.jpg
Ladybug's Perseverance Ladybug's Perseverance Trinity Plains Ladybug.jpg Ladybug2.jpg
Coven of the Echt Coven of the Echt Lower Palisade CovEc4.jpg CovEc3.jpg
Chapel of Eternity Chapel of Eternity Primordial Breach ChapelEternity.jpg ChapelEternity1.jpg
Anvil Ring of Passage Edgeward Barrows RingofPassage.jpg RingofPassage2.jpg
Aethimir's Lab Aethimir's Lab The Inchoate Realm AethimirLab1.jpg AethimirLab4.jpg
Welcome Center Welcome Center Threshold WelcomeCenter4.jpg WelcomeCenter1.jpg
WishBringer's Ice Palace WishBringer's Ice Palace Middle Basin of Stars WishIcePal3.jpg WishIcePal9.jpg
Illapse Keep Ambuscade Illapse Keep Ambuscade Mt. Illapse IllKeep8.jpg IllKeep2.jpg
"Cat and Mouse" Temple Cholok's Temple Lower Basin of Stars BasinOfStars6.jpg Cholok1.jpg
Mineral Springs Mineral Springs Harrow Glades Mineral2.jpg Mineral3.jpg
Study of Renrut Nek Study of Renrut Nek Threshold Pits RenRut1.jpg RenRut3.jpg
Temple of Sorrow Temple of Sorrow Cenotaph of Dread Temple of Sorrow.jpg Temple of Sorrow3.jpg
Fayd's Fortress Fayd's Fortress Middle Basin of Stars Fayds.jpg Fayds1.jpg
Wordsmith Guild Wordsmith Guild Trinity Plains Wordsmith.jpg Wordsmith1.jpg
Cyclonx Cyclonx Gloom Peaks Cyclonx.jpg Cyclonx10.jpg
Provenance Provenance Threshold Provenance1.jpg Provenance.jpg
Shadowlight Shadowlight Threshold Shadowlight3.jpg Shadowlight1.jpg - align="center" Ellie's Entombment Ellie's Entombment Trinity Plains ElliesTomb.jpg ElliesTomb1.jpg
Market Center Market Center The Inchoate Realm MarketCenter1.jpg MarketCenter2.jpg
Willpower Shrine Shrine of Will Lower Ossuary of Dread Wilshr1.jpg Wilshr2.jpg
Power Room Power Room Acropolis Rift PowRoom.jpg PowRoom1.jpg
The Grotto The Grotto Primordial Breach Grotto1.jpg Grotto2.jpg