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Star Knights

Background on the Star Knights

The Alliance was founded by a group of astronomers who wished to study the sky undisturbed by the politics and conflicts of the rest of the dream. The astronomers were Illuminated though, and when The Dreamer Wars began, their brothers in the Illuminated Front demanded their aid, for many of the astronomers were high in sphere, and their research had yielded powerful arts.

Not wishing to halt their research, the astronomers started a new branch of the house, the Knights of the Star. They recruited the best warriors from among free spirits, luring them in with promises of secret knowledge and powerful new arts. These Knights would fight in the wars for the Alliance, while the astronomers continued to study in peace.

The Star Knights were very successful in the Wars. As The Dreamer Wars drew to a close, the Star Knights came to believe that they, and not the astronomers, were the true Alliance of the Eclipse. And when the battles between Illuminated Front and Freesoul Knights reached a pause, as the enforced peace of dreamstrike settled over the city.. the battles between Star Knights and astronomer within the Alliance began. The Star Knights used blades and chakrams of great power, and the astronomers countered with their arts.

Gathering together, the astronomers used a newly created art, to draw power from the sky and, channeling it (through the Power Room), they forced nearly every Star Knight dreaming to awaken. Once this was done.. the astronomers demoted the Knights, and regained power over their house. Seeing the harm wrought by the Alliance's involvement in The Dreamer Wars, Alliance Ruler Kal'Arakos was the first to swear the oaths of peace... never to do violence except in the most dire of times, to seek to avoid conflict, not encourage it.

This information gathered by Chandra and Hblaster of OoSM for the House records.

Information on the Knights

by ambi

Ok the vote is on for the knights to form up. Here are the basic details for those of you who want to be informed before voting.

The knights act to protect the members of the house from harm. They exist to protect, a civil defense so to speak.

They have A captain of the guard at the top, this will be Kyrie.

A Lieutenant. This may be NORGalthanos.

A Sargent who those two will pick from among the knights.

The knights who will be picked and voted on by the guardians and rulers. Only through unanimous agreement can a person be a knight. However, a no vote must have a valid reason to oppose a person being a knight aside from petty personal reasons.

Knights are allowed to use violence in some instances. After attempting all non lethal means like scare, ward and standing in front of chakrams. If the initiates they protect are in a position where they cant flee then force is allowed. IE.. warded in a room where all will be collapsed if someone doesn't act, or trapped in our very house.

Knights don't defend the building of the house however, they defend the members. So they wont repel a invasion unless the rulers meet and vote and pass a resolution with a clear majority to repel a siege. At that point the captain of the guard will get orders to act.

Knights must report all acts of the use of force and justify it or face demotion from the knights and possibly the house in a blatant case.

They wont talk about fighting or training around non knights as it will offend those who came to the house to escape violence and fighting.

Kyrie or Galth if you have anything to add to this please post below with information. IF anyone has any questions on things I didn't cover please post them and I will answer them asap.

Please vote when you can as the vote is only for three days.


Ruler of the Eclipse

Master Teacher of Will

Star Knights

by Kyrie

As you my or may not be aware, the Star Knights have been voted into existence once again by popular house vote. Before applying to the knights it is important that you understand the rules.


A Lieutenant will be selected in the next few days by myself in council with the Rulers.

The Lieutenant and I will select a Sargent.

Further subdivisions into squads will be determined when the knights have been selected.

A new name may be selected once the group is established to limit the negative connotations associated with the Star Knights of old.


There are very specific guidelines for when knights will and will not be activated


In the event of overwhelming attack on the house by an organized group of dreamers.

To counter a PK er who is relentless in his/her attack.

The protection of initiates in the event of overwhelming attack allowing time to flee. ALL NONVIOLENT ARTS WILL BE UTILIZED AS FIRST LINE DEFENSE which include the already approved of methods of push, ward, paralyze, deafen and [scare]]. Additionally, knights may place themselves between the attackers and the initiate. All the experience lost by the knights in the course of duty will be replaced long as guidelines are adhered to.


to protect the property unless approved and activated by the rulers.

For violent verbal attacks.

To defend a darkmare or those dreamers who are inadvertently hit or collapsed in the crossfire while in defense of a darkmare.

Attack by another dreamer in a battle over a darkmare unless initiate is unable to flee ie: if you choose to stay and watch and don't flee then the responsibility becomes yours. It is not a requirement that you leave. You have a choice and only can make it. I tend to stay myself hence the reason I am collapsed... often. But the knights are not there to defend our choice to stay! If however you have been backed into a corner and are unable to escape,then the knights will assist you as our oaths permit.

Not used when an argument turns violent unless initiate cannot flee and all other options are depleted.

All individual disagreements with initiates of other houses will remain in the domain of the Ambassadorial staff and Rulers.


Members of the knights do not have permission to defend themselves in anyway other than the already accepted method of Push, Deafen, Scare, Ward and Paralyze unless the event meets the above activation criteria.


All events concerning the activities of the knights whether violence was used or not will be posted to me immediately and reported verbally to myself, the Lieutenant or Sargent. Any failure to do so will be met with immediate and permanent removal from the knights.

-All glaring infractions of the Rules will be met with immediate removal form the knights and demotion as determined by the Rulers.

Incidences of Bad Judgement will be addressed on an event by event basis and based on the severity of the infraction, discipline may include the following:

  • a) Suspension from the knights for a specified time
  • b) Expulsion from the knights
  • c) Demotion from the house - temporary as deemed necessary by the Rulers
  • d) Demotion from the house -permanent as deemed necessary by the Rulers


Knights will train in order to improve skills and gain strength.

Since I do not have the skills to assist in the physical training, all practice/training activities will be conducted by the Lieutenant and Sergeant. However, you will still remain responsible to me in all training activities and I will monitor them closely.

Training will only be permitted in a group of knights.

No training activities will be conducted between knights and non knights.

No independent training activity- must be supervised at all times by Lt, Sgt or myself (perhaps squad leaders if that division is made).

No training is to be done at the house -EVER- a site will be selected where few dreamers go - Suggestions will be appreciated.

Absolutely no discussion of fighting with others of the house or especially with those outside of the house.

Please remember that the knights are an offensive prospect to some of our house and they should never be subjected to this type of discussion or the training activities that are a necessary part of the knights.


I will post on the mission board calling all knights. Please post to me your orbit,focus,arts you have or will be able to learn soon (deafen,push,ward,scare and paralyze) as well as any fighting history. Since many of you have had different lives at some point in the dream I know that there is a very diverse amount of experience within the initiates. If however you have no experience , this does not exclude you from the knights.

From the applicants the knights will be selected by me with council of the Lt and Sgt. Not all applicants will be selected. I will not choose those who I feel may not best serve the house and may in fact cause it harm by misuse of the duties of the knights. If you are not selected it does not mean that at some point, after I have had the opportunity to observe you in confrontational situations, that an invitation to join the knights would then be extended to you. Especially in this very difficult inception period, applicants need to be above reproach. Don't want this to much! This is not going to be an easy task!


I will be requesting a review council whose members will be rulers, guardians,Lt, Sgt, initiates elected by popular demand and myself. I will work out the details and submit a further post on the scrolls for review and discussion.


All suggestions, positive and negative are encouraged. Whether you are a Star Knight or not this is an important group in the house and all shoud participate in its smooth running! Open discussion is encouraged! Please feel free to find me, post to me or leave messages for me with the LT. Sgt or guardians. I am here to serve the house and the initiates in this endeavor and will welcome your input.

And finally , just a comment from me... When word of the Star Knights reaches the dream I expect there to be widespread discussion at the least and regression at the most. This is a time of change for all of us and your actions in this time of flux is of utmost importance. Do not allow yourselves to be drawn into an argument that will escalate to violence. Do not be surprised when dreamers come to the house to test the resolve of the house in general and the knights in particular.

Remember that membership in the knights does not remove your responsibility to your oaths nor should it change your beliefs. If this begins to happen, the knights are not for you and perhaps you should rethink your selection of house as well. If we are to make this work we must do so as a house. That does not mean that all initiates need to be active knights. But instead all initiates from the newest to the rulers of the house need to find a place from which they can comfortably deal with the knights. If you can't actively support them, I ask that you not openly denounce them, not just yet anyway. This must not divide the house but pull it closer together!

Respectively submitted,


Guardian of the Alliance of the Eclipse

Captain of the Star Knights

Historian of SEER