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Prime House artifact of House Calenture



Banish Nightmare.

Artifact History

Even as The Nightmare Wars ended, a new artifact was being created at House Calenture. The reclusive Master Zordon and his team of Dreamsmiths known as the Forgers Circle were putting the finishing touches on a new kind of talisman that would forever change the Dreamstate: The Orb of Calenture.

The Orb was an artifact unlike any ever seen before, for it could take the essence of a Mare and [[Banish Mare}banish]] it from the Dream easily. The creation of this artifact sparked anger among those Dreamers who believed Mare essence was too valuable to banish and should be imprisoned. It also stirred envy among the other factions who believed in banishment.

Soon other prime artifacts were created, talismans held sacred to the Houses. These prime artifacts could either Banish or Imprison Mare essence according to the beliefs of the House Dreamsmiths who created it. Friction between the Houses grew as each practiced it's own beliefs and dealt with the Mare essence in it's own way. With the Nightmare Wars at an end, Sanctuaries constructed, and portals placed, the Houses found themselves strong and ready to defend their interests.

Underlight was on the verge of another Dreamer War when the Battle of Rock Falls broke out. Two of the most powerful Houses in the Dream, Dreamers of Light and House Calenture, fell into all-out confrontation over the fate of the essences stored within their prime artifacts. When the battle was over, two Rulers of Light were dead by Dreamstrike. Skirmishes between Houses erupted, and each House began to take advantage of the portals to seal off their claimed lands. As each conflict arose, it seemed more and more certain the Dreamstate was heading toward another period of all-out warfare

After the fall of the Houses....

Rowen was given a tome that Joshua Mandrake found. This tome took much time to decipher, once completed, it was realized that Sherack was an old dreamwright. Through the Summoning of Sherack, we were given an Essence Pool. This Essence Pool, acted much like the orb. It was filled in less than 24 hours with the strength of 5000 essences. The Essence Pool was then used to retrieve the Orb of Calenture from the rubble of the house.

The Capture of Ariana, The Corrupter of Souls and The Orb of Calenture by Tux

"The first documented appearance of Tehthu within the Dream was when he attacked a Freespirit by the name of Ariana in the Basin of Stars. He collapsed her, captured her soul and took it back to his lair. Tehthu attacked other dreamers as well . Some were damaged physically others mentally. However none of them were captured as Ariana had been. In time it was discovered that all of those attacked had come in contact with the Corrupter of Souls."

Tux reminds them... an evil Artifact created by a mad Dreamsmith in the closing days of The Dreamer Wars. After finding clues within the Dream it was determined that 3 Guardians of House Calenture and 3 Guardians of the Dreamers of Light would be needed to combine their powers with that of the ancient Dreamwright Aprilic." 3 plus 3 plus 1 Tux takes a breath and rattles on.

"Upon joining their powers they could summon Tehthu and combat him in order to destroy him and release Ariana's soul. The Day of Summoning arrived; the 7 joined their powers and called forth the Demon Tehthu to the waiting crowd of Freespirits and Initiates of House Calenture and the Dreamers of Light. Many were collapsed to Soulspheres during the battle only to restore their Avatars and return to the combat. "Finally with a skillful blow of her gatesmasher, Ghea of House Calenture defeated Tehthu. In the confusion after the battle an unknown dreamer picked up Tehthu's essence. The crowd went to Edgeward Burrows to celebrate the victory, the return of Ariana and to banish the Tehthu's essence and the Corrupter of Souls.

The dreamers gathered at the Rings of Ascension. (At this time Dragon of House Calenture is Knighted). When Ghea arrived from House Calenture she carried bad news. The Corrupter was missing!!! It was discovered that Draigon of House Calenture had taken the Corrupter. With much argument he finally gave it to Kelrith, who then began the ceremony.

"He took Tehthu's essence from Smoke of House Calenture (who had picked up the essence after the battle) and put it in the Corrupter. Then, with Aprilic's urging, Kelrith used the Dreaming Stone to bind the essences of both Aprilic and Tehthu to the Corrupter of Souls and used the Orb of Calenture to banish it. Aprilic sacrificed himself to ensure that Tehthu would not break free from his imprisonment.

"Unfortunately, it was later discovered that Smoke had been corrupted by Tehthu's essence. He had given a false Tehthu essence to Kelrith." Tux sighs as he remembers what happened next.

"Kelrith said nothing, since by this time he was enthralled by the evil of the Corrupter of Souls. Since it wasn't the real Tehthu essence the Corrupter still lay in Kelrith's hands. Kelrith was driven temporarily insane by the Corrupter."